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  • Cuban Missile Crisis
    Last Aired

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    Grove City College Professor Paul Kengor explored the tense days of October 1962 when the United States and the Soviet Union faced off over missiles in Cuba in one of the “hottest” episodes…

  • Interview with Al Romero
    Last Aired

    Interview with Al Romero

    Al Romero talked about his historical novel on the Cuban Revolution, Revolution: How the Castros Lied, Cheated, and Murdered Their Way Into Power. This program was part of Book TV’s…

  • USCuba Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Cuba Relations

    Miguel Fraga, first secretary of the Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C., spoke about U.S.-Cuba relations. He talked about the impact of the U.S. embargo, the changes on the island over the…

  • emYoung Castroem
    Last Aired

    Young Castro

    Harvard University Latin American Studies lecturer Jonathan Hansen recalled the early life of Fidel Castro.

  • emThe Brilliant Disasterem
    Last Aired

    The Brilliant Disaster

    Jim Rasenberger presents a history of the Bay of Pigs crisis. The failed military invasion of Cuba in 1961 that was supported by the United States government resulted in the capture or death of…

  • Cuban Revolution BehindtheScenes
    Last Aired

    Cuban Revolution Behind-the-Scenes

    Tony Perrottet talked about his book, Cuba Libre!: Che, Fidel, and the Improbable Revolution That Changed World History. He discussed Fidel Castro’s humble beginnings and highlighted the…

  • Authoritarian Governments and National Security
    Last Aired

    Authoritarian Governments and National Security

    Panelists at the American Enterprise Institute discussed the findings of a report on authoritarian governments and national security threats. Topics included the rise in anti-government…

  • US Military Activity in North and South America
    Last Aired

    U.S. Military Activity in North and South America

    The commanders of U.S. Northern Command and Southern Command testified before the House Armed Services Committee on security challenges and military activity in North and South America. Most of…

  • US to Allow Lawsuits Against Foreign Firms in Cuba Secretary Pompeo Says
    Last Aired

    Secretary Pompeo Remarks at State Department

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced a change to U.S. policy toward Cuba that will allow U.S. citizens to sue companies profiting off of property seized from them by the Cuban…

  • State Department Officials Testify on US Policy Toward Cuba
    Last Aired

    State Department Officials on U.S.-Cuba Relations

    State Department officials testified at a hearing on the state of U.S.-Cuba relations and the government response to the attacks on U.S. embassy personnel in Havana.

  • emOur Woman in Havanaem
    Last Aired

    Our Woman in Havana

    Former Cuba ambassador Vicki Huddleston discussed the relationship between Cuba and the United States.

  • emOur Woman in Havanaem and emHarbor of Spiesem
    Last Aired

    Our Woman in Havana and Harbor of Spies

    Former ambassador Vicki Huddleston, author of Our Woman in Havana, and novelist Robin Lloyd, author of Harbor of Spies, talked about the relationship between Cuba and the United States.…

  • State Department Officials Testify on Attacks on US Diplomats in Cuba
    Last Aired

    Cuba Embassy Attacks on U.S Diplomats

    State Department officials testified about the attacks on U.S. diplomats in Cuba. Several senators' questions to the witnesses focused on the timeliness of the State Department’s response…

  • USCuba Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Cuba Relations

    Latin America academic experts talked about U.S.-Cuba relations. The panelists contrasted increased Trump administration travel and commerce restrictions with the dialogue and increasing openness…

  • emThe Cuban Affairem
    Last Aired

    The Cuban Affair

    Nelson DeMille provided insight into his writing life and the historical underpinnings for his latest novel, The Cuban Affair. He spoke with former Representative Steve Israel (D-NY).

  • UN Security Council Holds Meeting on Cuba Embargo Resolution
    Last Aired

    U.N. Vote on Cuba Resolution

    The U.N. General Assembly voted 191-2 in favor of a resolution condemning the U.S. economic sanctions against Cuba, with only the United States and Israel voting against it. Nikki Haley,…

  • State Department US to Vote Against Cuba Embargo Resolution at UN
    Last Aired

    State Department Daily Briefing

    At the State Department, Heather Nauert announced the U.S. intention to vote against the annual United Nations resolution condemning the U.S. embargo against Cuba, thus reversing the Obama…

  • Washington Journal Frank Mora Discusses USCuba Tensions
    Last Aired

    Frank Mora on U.S.-Cuba Tensions

    Frank Mora talked about tensions between the U.S. and Cuba after the U.S expelled 15 Cuban diplomats for unexplained “sonic” attacks on U.S. diplomats in Havana.

  • Senators Speak to Reporters Following Briefing on Cuba
    Last Aired

    Foreign Relations Committee Briefing on Cuba

    Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Bob Corker (R-TN) spoke with reporters following a closed-door briefing concerning a series of unexplained health incidents that have affected 22 U.S. embassy…

  • Washington Journal Michael Dobbs Discusses the Cuban Missile Crisis
    Last Aired

    Michael Dobbs on One Minute to Midnight

    Michael Dobbs, author of One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Krushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War, talked about the historical parallels between the nuclear standoff with North…

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