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  • Attorney Speaks About Russias Doping Program
    Last Aired

    Russia Doping Program and Whistleblower Protections

    Jim Walden, the attorney for the Russian doctor who led and later publicly disclosed a state-run sports doping program, spoke about his client’s experience at an event hosted by the U.S.…

  • Conference Committee Meets to Discuss Opioid Abuse Legislation
    Last Aired

    Opioid Abuse Legislation

    A House-Senate conference committee met to consider a bill addressing opioid abuse treatment and prevention. S.524, the “Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016,” would authorize…

  • Washington Journal Representative John Katko RNY
    Last Aired

    Opioid Epidemic

    Representative John Katko (R-NY) talked about opioid addiction in his state and around the U.S.

  • Bipartisan Task Force Meeting on the Heroin Epidemic
    Last Aired

    Opioid Addiction and Treatment

    Federal officials and members of Congress talked about ways to curb heroin use in the U.S., as well as treatment options for opioid addiction. Slides were presented. Representatives Frank…

  • emSeeing Drugsem
    Last Aired

    Seeing Drugs

    Dan Weimer talked about his book, Seeing Drugs: Modernization, Counterinsurgency, and U.S. Narcotics Control in the Third World, 1969-1976, about the implementation of the war on drugs during the Nixon and…

  • White House Office of Drug Control Policy Press Conference
    Last Aired

    White House Office of Drug Control Policy Press Conference

    The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy held a news conference on the results of a new national survey showing a dramatic rise in the proportion of substance abuse treatment…

  • emThe Myth of the Addicted Armyem
    Last Aired

    The Myth of the Addicted Army

    Jeremy Kuzmarov argues that the conventional wisdom that there was widespread drug use by soldiers during the Vietnam War is wrong. He says that while both war supporters and members of the…

  • US Drug Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Drug Policy

    Mr. Walters provided an update on U.S. drug policy. He spoke about the success and failures of various drug addiction prevention programs. The guest responded to telephone calls and electronic mail. A…

  • 2005 YearinReview  Baseball  Steroids Hearings
    Last Aired

    2005 Year-in-Review: Baseball & Steroids Hearings

    Highlights of a March 17, 2005 hearing on steroid use in baseball were shown.

  • Drunk Driving Laws
    Last Aired

    Drunk Driving Laws

    Participating from Orlando, Florida, Mr. Birch talked about drunk driving laws and related topics. He responded to audience telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail.

  • Survey on Teen Drug Use
    Last Aired

    Survey on Teen Drug Use

    Officials released a report titled “2005 Monitoring the Future Survey on Teen Drug Abuse.” The report examined recent trends in juvenile drug use and found a modest decline in teen drug…

  • Drug Testing Standards for Professional Athletes
    Last Aired

    Drug Testing Standards for Professional Athletes

    A hearing was held on two steroids legislations, the Clean Sports Act as well as the Professional Sports Integrity and Accountability Act. Witnesses in two panels discussed measures that…

  • Attitudes Toward Substance Abuse
    Last Aired

    Attitudes Toward Substance Abuse

    Mr. Califano talked to reporters about the results of an annual survey on addiction and substance abuse. The report examined public attitudes toward the problem, movie viewing habits, teen…

  • Prescription Drug Abuse
    Last Aired

    Prescription Drug Abuse

    Mr. Califano and others announced an assessment by the Center on the abuse of prescription drugs. The report is called, “Under the Counter: The Diversion and Abuse of Controlled Prescription…

  • Methamphetamine Issues
    Last Aired

    Methamphetamine Issues

    Leaders from the National Association of Counties spoke to reporters following the release of two surveys, “The Criminal Effect of Meth on Communities” and “The Impact of Meth on Children.” The…

  • Marijuana Use and Mental Health
    Last Aired

    Marijuana Use and Mental Health

    Mental health experts and government officials spoke about marijuana use and mental health in teenagers. They also released research findings linking some mental disorders with marijuana…

  • Steroid Use in Football Panel 2
    Last Aired

    Steroid Use in Football, Panel 2

    The House Government Reform Committee held a hearing to review of the National Football League’s strategy for combating steroid use as part of understanding why high school students use…

  • Steroid Use in Football
    Last Aired

    Steroid Use in Football

    Representative Davis discussed the Government Reform Committee hearing today on the National Football League and its steroid policy. He responded to telephone calls, faxes, and electronic…

  • Drug Abuse
    Last Aired

    Drug Abuse

    Ms. Arria talked about methamphetamine abuse, treatments for addiction, and the scope of the problem in the U.S. She also responded to viewer comments and questions.

  • Open Phones
    Last Aired

    Open Phones

    Participating by telephone from Chicago, Mr. Munson talked about the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee hearing today on steroid use in sports, at which several past and…

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