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  • Middle East Ambassadors Discuss ISIS Attacks on Religious Minorities
    Last Aired

    ISIS Threat to Religious and Ethnic Minorities

    Iraq’s Ambassador to the U.S. and the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Representative to the U.S. joined a discussion on the aftermath of the 2014 ISIS attacks against religious and ethnic…

  • emNATO Background to Berlinem
    Last Aired

    NATO, Background to Berlin

    This 1962 film documents the city of Berlin from the end of World War II to the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961. Produced by the NATO Information Service, the film details the Soviet…

  • emNuclear Attack Preparedness Procedures Survive to Fightem
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Attack Preparedness Procedures, Survive to Fight

    This 1968 U.S. Air Force training film dramatizes activities at a military base following a nuclear attack. This Cold War film outlines procedures for assessing damage, stabilizing and…

  • British Defense Secretary Discusses NATO
    Last Aired

    British Defense Secretary on NATO Alliance

    British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson discussed NATO alliance and the U.K.'s global leadership. Mr. Williamson, who succeeded Michael Fallon in 2017, addressed the recent NATO summit in Brussels,…

  • Combating Insider Threats
    Last Aired

    Combating Insider Threats

    Nextgov, a federal technology and cybersecurity website, hosted a forum with intelligence officials and security experts on insider threats in the government and the private sector. Topics of…

  • Senator Bob Casey at Aviation Safety Forum
    Last Aired

    Senator Bob Casey at Aviation Safety Forum

    Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) gave the opening keynote address at the Air Line Pilots Association’s 2018 Air Safety Forum. He talked about his desire to see Congress take further action to…

  • Senate Intelligence Committee Holds Hearing on Social Media and Foreign Influence
    Last Aired

    Foreign Influence on Social Media

    The Senate Intelligence Committee held a hearing on the use of social media misinformation campaigns by foreign actors. Members asked witnesses particularly about what they had observed and…

  • State Department Commemorates 20th Anniversary of 1998 African Embassy Bombings
    Last Aired

    State Department Commemoration of 1998 African Embassy Bombings

    Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan was among the State Department officials who spoke at a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.…

  • Rule of Law in the Pacific Fleet
    Last Aired

    Rule of Law in the Pacific Fleet

    Former top Navy officials talked about the challenges and threats to the U.S. Pacific Fleet. This conversation was part of the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court’s annual judicial conference.

  • Washington Journal Richard Kauzlarich Discusses Vulnerabilities to US Energy Supply
    Last Aired

    Richard Kauzlarich on U.S. Energy Supply Vulnerabilities

    Richard Kauzlarich talked about U.S. vulnerabilities to hackers in the electric grid and pipelines. Mr. Kauzlarich is the director of George Mason University’s Center for Energy Science and…

  • Washington Journal Jana Winter Discusses TSAs Quiet Skies Program
    Last Aired

    TSA Quiet Skies Surveillance Program

    Jana Winter talked about her Boston Globe story on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) program called “Quiet Skies.” The program involves undercover federal air marshals who…

  • emJ Robert Oppenheimer The Cold War and the Atomic Westem
    Last Aired

    J. Robert Oppenheimer, The Cold War, and the Atomic West

    In his book, J. Robert Oppenheimer, The Cold War, and the Atomic West, author Jon Hunner told the story of Oppenheimer’s role in the Manhattan Project, the creation of Nuclear Weapons, and the development of…

  • emGeneral Ashcroftem
    Last Aired

    General Ashcroft

    In General Ashcroft: Attorney at War, Nancy Baker explored how Attorney General John Ashcroft expanded the power of the U.S. terrorism. C-SPAN’s Local Content Vehicles (LCVs) made a stop in their…

  • Analysts Discuss US Policy Toward Iran and Syria
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Syria and Iran

    Foreign policy analysts and government officials participated in a panel discussion on U.S. policy toward Syria and Iran, with a focus on nonproliferation law compliance, at the Foundation for…

  • Aviation Safety Forum Acting FAA Administrator Remarks
    Last Aired

    Aviation Safety Forum, Acting FAA Administrator Remarks

    Daniel Elwell, the Federal Aviation Administration’s acting administrator, was among the featured speakers at the annual aviation safety forum hosted by the Air Line Pilots Association labor union. He…

  • Nuclear Security and Arms Control Policy
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Security and Arms Control Policy

    The Stimson Center hosted a discussion on global nuclear security and policy. Participants talked about what they said was the importance of trust between nuclear and non-nuclear nations, the…

  • Secretary Pompeo Testifies on Russia North Korea Summits
    Last Aired

    Secretary Pompeo on Russia and North Korea Summits

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo testified at a Senate hearing on President Trump’s meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un. He also discussed U.S.…

  • Former Jihadist Discusses Combatting Violent Extremism
    Last Aired

    Combating Violent Extremism

    Jesse Morton, a former self-described Jihadist who worked with al-Qaeda, and the former New York City intelligence officer responsible for having him arrested talked about combating violent…

  • Senate Panel Takes Up Counterterorism and Intelligence Nominations
    Last Aired

    Intelligence Agency and State Department Confirmations

    The Senate Intelligence Committee held a confirmation hearing on the nominations of retired Navy Vice Admiral Joseph Maguire to be the director of the National Counterterrorism Center and Ellen…

  • Former Ambassador Speaks on Future of USNorth Korea Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-North Korea Relations

    Kathleen Stephens, the former U.S. ambassador to South Korea, was one of three panelists at a discussion on the future of U.S.-North Korea relations hosted by the Freeman Spogli Institute for International…

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