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  • emThe Quiet Americansem
    Last Aired

    The Quiet Americans

    Scott Anderson looked at the early years of the Cold War as the CIA worked to counter the efforts of the KGB. This was a virtual event hosted by Left Bank Books in St. Louis.

  • emAgent Sonyaem
    Last Aired

    Agent Sonya

    Military historian Ben Macintyre recalled the life of Soviet intelligence officer Ursula Bolton, who assumed a false identity in an English village in the years leading up to the Cold War…

  • CSPAN Cities Tour The Atomic Bomb
    Last Aired

    C-SPAN Cities Tour- The Atomic Bomb

    The C-SPAN Cities Tour explored the American story with a look at the creation and use of the first atomic weapon by the United States on Japan in 1945.

  • Wilson Center Discussion on Europe Security
    Last Aired

    Wilson Center Discussion on Europe Security

    The Wilson Center hosted a virtual discussion on the state of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), which is made up of 57 European and North American States and was…

  • Veterans and Nuclear Radiation Exposure
    Last Aired

    Veterans and Nuclear Radiation Exposure

    National World War II Museum oral historian Hannah Dailey talked about “atomic veterans” -- servicemen assigned to nuclear bomb tests and clean-up -- many of whom suffered long-term health…

  • Diaries of Cold War Strategist George Kennan
    Last Aired

    Diaries of Cold War Strategist George Kennan

    Foreign policy strategist and American diplomat George F. Kennan kept journals over the course of 88 years. Historian Frank Costigliola, who edited Kennan’s writings, examined this trove of…

  • Soviet Spy Klaus Fuchs
    Last Aired

    Soviet Spy Klaus Fuchs

    Nancy Thorndike Greenspan talked about her book, Atomic Spy: The Dark Lives of Klaus Fuchs, which looks at the life of the spy who gave the Soviets America’s plans for a plutonium bomb. The…

  • emThe Black Banners Declassifiedem
    Last Aired

    The Black Banners (Declassified)

    Former FBI special agent Ali Soufan talked about the early years of the U.S. war on terror and the methods used to extract information from suspected members of al-Qaeda. This virtual event…

  • August 1945 Universal Newsreel
    Last Aired

    August 1945 Universal Newsreel

    This 1945 Universal Newsreel includes stories about the Potsdam Declaration of Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and President Harry Truman, the science behind the atom bomb, and Truman’s…

  • emCountdown 1945em
    Last Aired

    Countdown 1945

    Fox News' Chris Wallace provided a history of the lead-up to the bombing of Hiroshima in August 1945. This was a virtual event hosted by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi…

  • emThe Apocalypse Factoryem
    Last Aired

    The Apocalypse Factory

    Steve Olson provided a history of the Hanford Nuclear Power Plant that was constructed in eastern Washington State in 1943 and manufactured the plutonium for the bomb that was dropped on…

  • emThe Spymastersem
    Last Aired

    The Spymasters

    Chris Whipple talked to former CIA directors to provide an inside look at the intelligence organization’s operations. This was a virtual event hosted by the Center on National Security at…

  • Author Discussion on Covert Operations
    Last Aired

    Author Discussion on Covert Operations

    Johns Hopkins University Professor Thomas Rid, Active Measures; Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Barton Gellman, Dark Mirror; and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, The Paladin…

  • House Hearing on Border Security Facilitation and Operations
    Last Aired

    House Hearing on Border Security, Facilitation and Operations

    A House Homeland Security subcommittee held a virtual hearing on the Department of Homeland Security’s management of the “Trusted Traveler” programs that expedites travel across U.S. borders, such as TSA-Pre and…

  • Joint House Hearing on Biosecurity
    Last Aired

    Joint House Hearing on Biosecurity

    A House Armed Services subcommittee and House Foreign Affairs subcommittee held a hybrid hearing on strengthening biological security. Members questioned Department of Defense and State…

  • emAn Open Worldem
    Last Aired

    An Open World

    Rebecca Lissner and Mira Rapp-Hooper discussed U.S. global leadership in the 21st century. This virtual event was hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

  • Intelligence Communities Role in Predicting COVID19
    Last Aired

    Intelligence Communities' Role in Predicting COVID-19

    The Brookings Institution hosted a virtual discussion, which explored the importance of the CIA in predicting crises like COVID-19. Author Chris Whipple spoke about his recently released…

  • emAngels in Paradise The Development of the U2 at Area 51em
    Last Aired

    Angels in Paradise, The Development of the U-2 at Area 51

    According to the CIA, this film was made for family members of those working on the U-2 spy plane to inform them about the remote location and difficulty of working at Area 51, a U.S. military installation in…

  • Indictment of ISIS Operatives
    Last Aired

    Indictment of ISIS Operatives

    Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray and officials from the Department of Justice announced the indictment of members of an ISIS hostage-taking cell. Charges included…

  • emBaselessem
    Last Aired


    Nicholson Baker talked about Project Baseless, a secret 1950s Air Force program to develop chemical and biological weapons, and the challenges faced by researchers trying to uncover…

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