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  • Washington Journal FH Buckley Discusses the Future of the Republican Party
    Last Aired

    F.H. Buckley on the Republican Party

    F.H. Buckley talked about his new book, The Republican Workers Party on redefining the Republican Party following Donald Trump’s election as president in 2016.

  • Washington Journal Steve Kornacki Discusses The Rise of Political Tribalism
    Last Aired

    Steve Kornacki on The Red and the Blue: The 1990s and the Rise of Political Tribalism

    MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki talked about his new book, The Red and the Blue: The 1990s and the Rise of Political Tribalism.

  • Washington Journal Henry Olsen Discusses the Future of the Republican Party
    Last Aired

    Henry Olsen on the Republican Party

    Henry Olsen, author of The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue Collar Conservatism, talked about the 2018 midterm elections and the future of the Republican…

  • Washington Journal Arne Duncan Discusses Education Policy in America
    Last Aired

    Arne Duncan on Education Policy in America

    Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan talked about his new book, How Schools Work, about his three decades of experience in education.

  • Communicators with Mark Mills
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Mark Mills

    Mark Mills, co-founder of Digital Power Capital, talked about Work in the Age of Robots. In his new book he suggests that despite aritificial intelligence and automation, the job sector is…

  • In Depth with David Ignatius
    Last Aired

    In Depth with David Ignatius

    David Ignatius talked about his books and responded to questions from Book TV viewers. Mr. Ignatius is the author of many books, including Body of Lies, The Director, and Agents of…

  • Washington Journal Matthew Hennessey Discusses emZero Hour for Gen Xem
    Last Aired

    Matthew Hennessey on Zero Hour for Gen X

    Matthew Hennessey talked about his book, Zero Hour for Gen X: How the Last Adult Generation Can Save America from Millennials, detailing concerns over the “millennial” generation’s impact…

  • Washington Journal Sean Spicer Discusses His Book on President Trump  the Media
    Last Aired

    Sean Spicer on President Trump and the Media

    Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer talked about his new book, The Briefing: Politics, The Press, and The President. about his time at the White House and President Trump’s…

  • Washington Journal Mike Lux Discusses Future of the Democratic Party
    Last Aired

    Mike Lux on the Democratic Party

    Mike Lux talked about his book, How To Democrat In the Age Of Trump, on how the Democratic Party can regain majorities in Congress and win the White House.

  • Washington Journal Dinesh DSouza Discusses the Democratic Party  Race
    Last Aired

    Dinesh D'Souza on the Democratic Party and Race

    Dinesh D’Souza talked about his new book and documentary with the same name: Death of a Nation: Plantation Politics and the making of the Democratic Party.

  • Washington Journal Mona Charen Discusses Feminism in America Today
    Last Aired

    Mona Charen on Feminism in America

    Mona Charen talked about her new book, Sex Matters, on modern feminism in the U.S.

  • Washington Journal Marc Ambinder Discusses the Nuclear War Threat
    Last Aired

    Marc Ambinder on Nuclear War Threat

    Author Marc Ambinder talked about his new book, The Brink: President Reagan and the Nuclear War Scare of 1983.

  • Washington Journal Roger Stone Recalls 2016 Meeting with Russian
    Last Aired

    Roger Stone on Politics and the Trump Presidency

    Republican strategist and former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone talked about the Trump presidency as well as his book on politics, Stone’s Rules: How to Win at Politics, Business, and…

  • Washington Journal Andrew Selee Discusses USMexico Relations
    Last Aired

    Andrew Selee on U.S.-Mexico Relations

    Migration Policy Institute President Andrew Selee discussed his new book, “Vanishing Frontiers: The Forces Driving Mexico and the United States Together.”

  • Washington Journal James Clapper Discusses Russian Interference in Campaign 2016
    Last Aired

    James Clapper on Russian Interference in Campaign 2016

    Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper talked about his book, Facts and Fears, and Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign. He also talked about the summit in…

  • Washington Journal Etan Thomas Discusses Athletes  Political Activism
    Last Aired

    Etan Thomas on Athletes and Political Activism

    Former NBA player and author Etan Thomas discussed his book about athletes using their voices to promote their political views.

  • Washington Journal Laurence Tribe Discusses Presidential Impeachment
    Last Aired

    Laurence Tribe on To End a Presidency

    Professor Laurence Tribe talked about his new book, To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment, which examines the process and the history of impeachment.

  • Washington Journal Senator Mike Lee RUT Discusses His Book Written Out of History
    Last Aired

    Senator Mike Lee on Written Out of History

    Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) talked about his book, Written Out of History: The Forgotten Founders Who Fought Big Government.

  • Washington Journal Jon Meacham Discusses emThe Soul of Americaem
    Last Aired

    Jon Meacham on The Soul of America

    Professor Jon Meacham talked about his book. The Soul of America on how the U.S. overcame periods of fear and strife throughout its history.

  • Washington Journal Bill Schneider Discusses His Book Standoff
    Last Aired

    Bill Schneider on His Book Standoff

    Former CNN political analyst Bill Schneider talked about his book, Standoff: How America Became Ungovernable, on how U.S. politics have changed from the 1960s to the the presidency of…

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