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  • Woodrow Wilsons Domestic Policies
    Last Aired

    Woodrow Wilson's Domestic Policies

    Historians and economists discussed Woodrow Wilson’s views on domestic policies, including women’s and African American rights, banking and the Federal Reserve System. The Wilson Center in…

  • Harry Truman in World War I and US Military Rivalries
    Last Aired

    Harry Truman in World War I and U.S. Military Rivalries

    Former U.S. Marine Corps historian and archivist Michael Miller discussed Harry Truman’s views of the U.S. Marine Corps, which he argued were first formed during his service as an Army…

  • Author Discussion on the President and the Media
    Last Aired

    Author Discussion on the President and the Media

    Author and ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams; Los Angeles Times executive editor Norman Pearlstine; and former Fox and CBS News president Van Gordon Sauter examined the relationship…

  • Presidential Speechwriting
    Last Aired

    Presidential Speechwriting

    Craig Smith, author of Confessions of a Presidential Speechwriter, talked about writing for Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush. He also evaluated the speaking styles of President…

  • emNever Caughtem
    Last Aired

    Never Caught

    Professor Erica Armstrong Dunbar talked about her book Never Caught: The Washingtons' Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge, in which she recounts the life of Ona Judge, a…

  • Washington Journal Douglas Bradburn Discusses George Washington
    Last Aired

    Douglas Bradburn on George Washington's Mount Vernon

    Historian Doug Bradburn joined us from Mount Vernon’s Museum and Education Center to talk about George Washington’s vision for the presidency, and the library, home and museum located in Northern…

  • Remembering George Washington
    Last Aired

    Remembering George Washington

    Matthew Costello talked about his new book, The Property of the Nation: George Washington’s Tomb, Mount Vernon, and the Memory of the First President. He discussed the ways that Americans…

  • George Washingtons Crossing Reenactment
    Last Aired

    George Washington's Crossing Reenactment

    Living history enthusiasts gathered to row across the Delaware River at the spot where George Washington and the Continental Army crossed from Pennsylvania to New Jersey on December 25, 1776.…

  • After Words with Andrea Bernstein
    Last Aired

    After Words with Andrea Bernstein

    Journalist Andrea Bernstein chronicles the Trump and Kushner families rise to prominence. She was interviewed by Washington Post business reporter Jonathan O’Connell.

  • January 1945 United Newsreel
    Last Aired

    January 1945 United Newsreel

    This 1945 Office of War Information United Newsreel includes five stories: President Franklin Roosevelt is inaugurated for a fourth term in a ceremony at the White House, a Coast Guard…

  • Painting Abraham Lincoln
    Last Aired

    Painting Abraham Lincoln

    In a multi-media presentation, artist Wendy Allen showed examples of her own and other artist’s works and talked about her influences and reasons for painting Abraham Lincoln. Since the early 1980s,…

  • QA with Craig Fehrman
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Craig Fehrman

    Craig Fehrman talked about his book, Author in Chief: The Untold Story of Our Presidents and the Books They Wrote, in which he analyzed American presidents through the lens of the works…

  • Washington Winchester and the French and Indian War
    Last Aired

    Washington, Winchester, and the French and Indian War

    Historian Carl Ekberg talked about George Washington’s ties to Winchester, Virginia, during the French and Indian War. He explored the decisive role the war played in the growth of Winchester,…

  • Ulysses S Grant and Union Military Leadership
    Last Aired

    Ulysses S. Grant and Union Military Leadership

    Texas Christian University Professor Steven Woodworth discussed Ulysses S. Grant’s leadership style and how it compares to other Union generals. He argued that characteristics such as Grant’s…

  • Washington Journal Sebastian Gorka Discusses President Trump  Campaign 2020
    Last Aired

    Sebastian Gorka on President Trump and Campaign 2020

    Former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka talked about campaign 2020 and President Trump’s re-election strategy.

  • emPitchfork Populismem
    Last Aired

    Pitchfork Populism

    Political analyst Bradford Kane offered his thoughts on the future of America’s political landscape following the Trump presidency.

  • emReagan Risingem
    Last Aired

    Reagan Rising

    Craig Shirley talked about his book, Reagan Rising: The Decisive Years, 1976-1980. He spoke from the James Michener Pavilion at the 2017 Gaithersburg Book Festival, held on the grounds of…

  • Lynne Cheney and Karl Rove on the Bush Administration
    Last Aired

    Lynne Cheney and Karl Rove on the Bush Administration

    Former Second Lady Lynne Cheney and former presidential adviser Karl Rove reflected on the George W. Bush administration.

  • QA with Patty Rhule
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Patty Rhule

    Patty Rhule talked about how the press has covered American presidents over the course of U.S. history. She discussed the inherent tension between presidents and the press, presidents who have been the…

  • Richard Carwardine Discusses emLincolns Sense of Humorem
    Last Aired

    Lincoln's Sense of Humor

    Richard Carwardine talked about his book Lincoln’s Sense of Humor, in which he examines Abraham Lincoln’s sense of humor and his ability to invoke it throughout his life and presidential…

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