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  • Life and Influence of Ira Allen
    Last Aired

    Life and Influence of Ira Allen

    Burlington historian Vince Feeney talked about Ira Allen’s influence on the city. Ira Allen, the youngest brother of Ethan Allen, helped found the University of Vermont in 1791. C-SPAN’s Local Content…

  • Henry Fords Garage and Childhood Home
    Last Aired

    Henry Ford's Garage and Childhood Home

    Historic structures curator Jim Johnson gave a tour of the garage where Henry Ford built his first car, the quadricycle, and Ford’s childhood home, where he was born in 1863. Both buildings…

  • Railroad History in Vermont
    Last Aired

    Railroad History in Vermont

    Shelburne Museum Director of Preservation Chip Stulen highlighted items that tell the story of what traveling through Vermont by train would have been like in the early 1900s. The Shelburne Museum offerings…

  • Steamboat Ticonderoga
    Last Aired

    Steamboat Ticonderoga

    Chip Stulen, director of preservation at the Shelburne Museum, talked about the steamboat’s nearly 50 years of service. The Ticonderoga was the last steamboat to operate on Lake Champlain. C-SPAN’s…

  • Ethan Allen Homestead Museum
    Last Aired

    Ethan Allen Homestead Museum

    Dan O’Neil, executive director of the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum, talked about Allen’s controversial life and how he came to settle in Burlington, Vermont. Ethan Allen is often called the father of…

  • Economic History of Burlington
    Last Aired

    Economic History of Burlington

    Burlington historian Vince Feeney talked about the diverse history of the city, from the lumber and textile industries to its politics. C-SPAN’s Local Content Vehicles (LCVs) made a stop in their…

  • History of Lake Champlain
    Last Aired

    History of Lake Champlain

    Jeff Hindes of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum talked about the lake and its role in war and commerce. Lake Champlain was an essential part of the history and economy of Burlington, Vermont.…

  • emTunisian Victoryem
    Last Aired

    Tunisian Victory

    Tunisian Victory is a World War II propaganda film on the North Africa campaign co-produced by the British and U.S. governments and released in early 1944. The documentary uses combat…

  • University of Vermont Special Collections
    Last Aired

    University of Vermont Special Collections

    Archivist Chris Burns showed items the University of Vermont’s special collections highlighting Congressional papers of Vermont politicians including former Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders. C-SPAN’s…

  • 2017 Miami Book Fair Tour
    Last Aired

    2017 Miami Book Fair Tour

    Coverage of the 2017 Miami Book Fair.

  • Fort Dakota
    Last Aired

    Fort Dakota

    Bill Hoskins talked about Fort Dakota and what life was like for soldiers at this distant military outpost. Fort Dakota was established by the U.S. Military in 1865 as tensions between American Indians and…

  • Chief Justice John Marshalls Life and Legacy
    Last Aired

    Chief Justice John Marshall's Life and Legacy

    American History TV visited the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia to learn about the life and legacy of John Marshall, the fourth chief justice of the United States, who served…

  • emThe Road to the Wallem
    Last Aired

    The Road to the Wall

    Narrated by actor James Cagney, this 1962 U.S. Army film presented a critical history of Soviet communism beginning with a 1905 failed revolution up to the construction of the Berlin Wall.…

  • US Air Force Combat Photography in Southeast Asia
    Last Aired

    U.S. Air Force Combat Photography in Southeast Asia

    This film explores the role of Air Force combat cameras and crews during the Vietnam War. Beginning with a short history of war art and photography, it leads up to the 1960s and problems…

  • Reel America emThe Screaming Eagles in Vietnamem 1967
    Last Aired

    1967 Film The Screaming Eagles in Vietnam

    This 1967 film is a U.S. Army “The Big Picture” episode documenting the 101st Airborne Division from their arrival in Vietnam in 1965 through January of 1967.

  • Reel America emA Day in Vietnamem 1967
    Last Aired

    A Day in Vietnam

    This 1967 U.S. Navy film is narrated by actor Jack Webb. The film argues that anti-war protesters don’t understand what’s happening in Southeast Asia and sets out to promote the…

  • emThe Vietnam WarHow Much Dissentem
    Last Aired

    The Vietnam War-How Much Dissent?

    This episode of the weekly ABC Scope series examined resistance to the Vietnam War and the draft with footage of demonstrations, interviews supporting and opposing the protests, statements…

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection
    Last Aired

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection

    Janet Donlin presented a selection of objects left at the Vietnam Memorial Wall, including letters, photographs, artwork, and medals. The collection includes about 400,000 items, all stored…

  • emWhere We Stand in Vietnamem
    Last Aired

    Where We Stand in Vietnam

    Where We Stand in Vietnam is a CBS News Special Report from October 24, 1967. Hosted by correspondent Charles Collingwood, the program presented a critical assessment of the military…

  • Remembering Vietnam Tour
    Last Aired

    "Remembering Vietnam" Tour

    American History TV toured the National Archives exhibit “Remembering Vietnam,” the first comprehensive display there on the war. Vietnam War veteran and Archivist of the United States…

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