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  • emThe Mark Insideem
    Last Aired

    The Mark Inside

    Amy Reading presents a history of economic cons in the United States and specifically recounts the confidence game that left Texas rancher J. Frank Norfleet penniless in 1919. The author…

  • emThe Invisible Arabem
    Last Aired

    The Invisible Arab

    Marwan Bishara talked about the causes for the revolutions that made up the “Arab Spring.” Mr. Bishara argued that the uprisings have a long history that has been largely ignored by the media in…

  • Newt Gingrich New Hampshire Primary Concession
    Last Aired

    Newt Gingrich New Hampshire Primary Concession

    Newt Gingrich spoke about the results of the New Hampshire primary election from the Raddison Hotel in Manchester, New Hampshire. Former Governor Mitt Romney won the election with 37%,…

  • emThis Is Not Floridaem
    Last Aired

    This Is Not Florida

    Jay Weiner recalls the 2008 election for Minnesota’s U.S. Senate seat between Democrat Al Franken and Republican incumbent Norm Coleman and the subsequent eight-month ballot recount. Mr.…

  • 1963 March on Washington
    Last Aired

    1963 March on Washington

    A 1963 Universal International newsreel report on the largest peaceful demonstration in the history of the United States shows scenes from throughout the day. A short portion of a speech by…

  • CSPAN Classroom
    Last Aired

    C-SPAN Classroom

    Ms. Messinger discussed her position as president of the Manhattan Borough.

  • Handgun Control Legislation Brady Bill
    Last Aired

    Handgun Control Legislation: Brady Bill

    The history of the Brady Bill, legislation to require a 5-day waiting period to purchase a handgun, was traced with video clips and pictures showing the shooting of President Reagan and…

  • The Role of the Vice President
    Last Aired

    The Role of the Vice President

    The responsibilities of the vice president of the U.S. were enumerated, as well as the kinds of assignments he or she might undertake. Professor Frantzich described uses of videotaped…

  • Bill of Rights
    Last Aired

    Bill of Rights

    The history and interpretations of the Bill of Rights are illustrated with interviews and video clips. Activities are suggested for the use of this program in classrooms.

  • Presidential Health Care Proposal
    Last Aired

    Presidential Health Care Proposal

    Video clips show how health care became an issue in the 1992 presidential campaign, how the president gets legislation introduced into Congress, and highlights of the Health Security Act.…

  • Role of Executive Departments
    Last Aired

    Role of Executive Departments

    An examination of the president’s Cabinet was the topic of the C-SPAN Classroom. Topics included the general role of the Cabinet, the appointment process for Cabinet secretaries, the…

  • History of Confirmations Part One
    Last Aired

    History of Confirmations Part One

    Mr. Ritchie discussed the history of the process of nomination and confirmation of Presidential appointments.

  • Profiles of the Cabinet Part Three
    Last Aired

    Profiles of the Cabinet Part Three

    Graphics and pictures illustrated a brief vignette on the background of the head of the Department of Energy in the Clinton administration, Hazel O’Leary.

  • Profiles of the Cabinet Part Two
    Last Aired

    Profiles of the Cabinet Part Two

    Pictures and graphics illustrated the missions and makeup of the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services in the Clinton presidential administration.

  • Profiles of the Cabinet Part One
    Last Aired

    Profiles of the Cabinet Part One

    Graphics and pictures illustrated a brief vignette on the officials and spheres of influence of the Departments of Treasury and State.

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  • CSPAN Video Workshop for Teachers
    Last Aired

    C-SPAN Video Workshop for Teachers

    Teachers and educators spoke on the use of C-SPAN programming in their classrooms, and commented on the scope of C-SPAN programming.

  • White House Press Corps
    Last Aired

    White House Press Corps

    Graphics, pictures and brief interviews accompanied a vignette on the members of the White House press corps, the reporters who cover the president’s actions.

  • White House Press Office
    Last Aired

    White House Press Office

    The White House Office of Communications is responsible for getting information from the administration to the media. The responsibilities of the White House press secretary and media…

  • AfricanAmericans in Congress
    Last Aired

    African-Americans in Congress

    Mr. Walters helped provide a brief history of the many important African-Americans who have participated the United States political process, most notably, those former and current members…

  • French National Assembly
    Last Aired

    French National Assembly

    Mr. Serfaty narrated a brief vignette on the structure of the government of France, including the French president, prime minister, and parliament.

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