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    Iraqi Capabilities

    Ms. Yaphe talks about the ability of the Iraqi government to meet demands placed upon it this week by President Bush, including efforts to bring security to Iraq. She responded to telephone…

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    Future of Kirkuk

    The United States Institute of Peace held an Iraq Working Group panel on “Kirkuk: Can It Be Solved?” Among the topics members of the panel discussed were: Dealing with the challenges of adjudicating claims,…

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    State Sponsored Terrorism

    Middle East scholars testified about state sponsored terrorism in several states including Iraq, Syria and Iran. Among the topics they addressed were motives for sponsorship of terrorist…

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    Transition to Iraqi Sovereignty, Afternoon

    Officials testified about the planned transition of sovereignty to Iraqi authorities on June 30, 2004. Among the issues they addressed were the security situation in Iraq, the powers and…

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    Iraqi No-Fly Zones

    Ms. Yaphe talked about the no-fly zones over Iraq, which have been enforced by U.S. and the United Kingdom since the end of the Gulf War. She also responded to audience telephone calls,…