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  • Emerging Economies in 2013
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    Emerging Economies in 2013

    Panelists talked about emerging economies such as China and India in comparison to the U.S. New York University professor and author of White Man’s Burden William Easterly debated economist Dambisa…

  • Peter Orszag on the Federal Budget
    Last Aired

    Peter Orszag on the Federal Budget

    Peter Orszag was interviewed at The Economist's “World in 2013 Festival.” He said concerns over the “fiscal cliff” had been overblown, and that the focus should shift to the debt limit increase. He predicted that…

  • US Tax Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Tax Policy

    Panelists talked about the case for U.S. tax reform. Topics included tax code simplification and fairness, the value-added tax, the corporate tax rate, and raising taxes to pay for Social…

  • Washington Ideas Forum Day 1 Part 2
    Last Aired

    Washington Ideas Forum, Day 1, Part 2

    White House officials, journalists, and business leaders spoke about a wide range of issues including broadcast network news, the Obama administration’s record, the economy, the 2012…

  • US Economy and Job Creation
    Last Aired

    U.S. Economy and Job Creation

    The McKinsey Global Institute held a forum on its study of future U.S. job creation. Charles Kolb and Austan Goolsbee made opening remarks on the current economic situation, and James…

  • Economic Policy in 2010
    Last Aired

    Economic Policy in 2010

    The Economist held its first “The World In” conference, featuring predictions about the trends and events that will shape 2010. Austan Goolsbee and Carmen Reinhart spoke about the state of the…

  • Consumers and Economic Issues
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    Consumers and Economic Issues

    Ms. Beddoes spoke about her story "Getting Worried Downtown", which examined the role the consumer would play should the U.S. economy head into recession. She responded to telephone calls…