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  • Vietnamese Prime Minister Discusses Relations with the US
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Vietnam Relations

    Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc delivered remarks at the Heritage Foundation, part of his visit to the United States, which included a meeting with President Trump. Prime…

  • Discussion Focuses on President Trumps Revised Travel Ban
    Last Aired

    Trump Administration Travel Ban

    The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies hosted a discussion on the Trump administration’s most recent executive order on U.S. immigration and refugee policy,…

  • Washington Journal Michael Breen and James Jay Carafano Discuss President Obamas Foreign Policy Legacy
    Last Aired

    President Obama's Foreign Policy Legacy

    Michael Breen andJames Jay Carafano examined President Obama’s foreign policy legacy, including challenges that remain ahead of the Trump administration.

  • Sebastian Gorka Discusses emDefeating Jihadem
    Last Aired

    Defeating Jihad

    Sebastian Gorka talked about his book, Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, about how to defeat ISIS and other jihadist groups. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Islamic…

  • Pete Hegseth Discusses emIn the Arenaem
    Last Aired

    In the Arena

    Pete Hegseth talked about his book, In the Arena: Good Citizens, a Great Republic, and How One Speech Can Reinvigorate America, in which he discusses Theodore Roosevelt’s “Citizenship in a…

  • General Daniel Allyn Delivers Remarks on Army Readiness
    Last Aired

    Army Force Postures and Readiness

    Army Vice Chief of Staff General Daniel Allyn spoke about increasing demands on the Army amid declining troop levels and reduced funding. General Allyn also offered condolences to the those…

  • Washington Journal James Jay Carafano on US Soldier Killed in Iraq
    Last Aired

    U.S. Service Member Killed in Iraq

    James Jay Carafano talked about the Navy SEAL killed in Iraq the previous day, the third U.S. service member to die in the fight against ISIS since 2014. The Islamic State of Iraq and…

  • CPAC 2016 Discussion on National Security Challenges
    Last Aired

    National Security Challenges

    K.T. McFarland, Representative Ryan Zinke (R-MT), Deneen Borelli, and James Carafano talked about national security. They spoke about major security issues the next president would face,…

  • Ted Cruz Remarks on National Security
    Last Aired

    Senator Ted Cruz on National Security

    Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a 2016 presidential candidate, spoke about his national security priorities following the Paris terrorist attacks and the mass shooting in San Bernardino,…

  • Discussion on President Obamas Counterterrorism Strategy
    Last Aired

    Counterterrorism and Homeland Security

    Panelists talked about the Obama administration’s counterterrorism policy and strategy, and what it means for U.S. national security and for President Obama’s successor in 2017. Specific…

  • Representative Mike McCaul RTX on Islamic Extremism
    Last Aired

    Representative McCaul on Islamic Extremism

    House Homeland Security Committee Chair Mike McCaul (R-TX) talked about the threat of Islamist extremism and the need to fight it overseas. He described what he called the “new age of terror,”…

  • Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Charges
    Last Aired

    Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Charges

    James Carafano talked about the previous-day U.S. Army announcement that Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl had been charged with desertion. Sergeant Bergdahl left his Army post in Afghanistan in 2009…

  • Governor Rick Perry RTX on the Politics of Immigration
    Last Aired

    Politics of Immigration

    Panelists talked about state and federal policy surrounding the increase of Central American illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Then, Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) talked about the response to the…

  • Washington Journal Islamic States Threat to the US
    Last Aired

    ISIS Threat to the U.S.

    James Jay Carafano talked about U.S response to the threat from ISIS.* Among other topics, he discussed included possible airstrikes or other strategies against Syria, the impact of attacking…

  • Discussion on Philanthropy and Defense Investment
    Last Aired

    Philanthropy and Defense Investment

    Panelists talked about the use of philanthropy for defense funding. They discussed areas in which philanthropic investment was most needed, and a potential framework for philanthropic…

  • Whats Next for Ukraine
    Last Aired

    Russian Intervention in Ukraine

    Panelists talked about the implications of Russian intervention in Ukraine and provided U.S. foreign policy recommendations. They also discussed U.S. commitment to the new Start Treaty with…

  • Leadership Program of the Rockies James Carafano
    Last Aired

    Leadership Program of the Rockies, James Carafano

    James Carafano spoke at the Leadership Program of the Rockies annual conference. He talked about the 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and the Obama administration’s…

  • Conflict in Eastern Congo Panel 2
    Last Aired

    Conflict in Eastern Congo, Panel 2

    Witnesses testified about the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda’s involvement in the eastern Congo, where U.N. Security Council experts had alleged Rwandan…

  • Defense Department Role in Domestic Disasters
    Last Aired

    Defense Department Role in Domestic Disasters

    Panelists talked about the Defense Department’s role in assisting civilian authorities during domestic disasters and unrest.They spoke about law enforcement challenges during hurricanes,…

  • NonGovernmental Veteran Support Assistance
    Last Aired

    Non-Governmental Veteran Support Assistance

    Representatives from non-governmental organizations talked about assistance programs they offer for veterans and their families. Warriors and Quiet Waters teaches wounded veterans to fly…

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