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    Shattered Consensus

    James Piereson talked about his book Shattered Consensus: The Rise and Decline of America’s Postwar Political Order, in which he looks at how America can return to its historical path of dynamism…

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    Camelot and the Cultural Revolution

    James Pierson talked about his book, Camelot and the Cultural Revolution: How the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Shattered American Liberalism, published by Encounter Books. In his book…

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    Religion and the Civil War

    Professor Allen Guelzo talked about the Civil War and whether the conflict brought an end to the dominance of religion in American culture, making the U.S. a more secular nation. He argued…

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    Impact of the 1960s Cultural Revolution

    Panelists talked about the impact of the 1960s Cultural Revolution on American society. They argued that the 1960s brought a decline of confidence in institutions and authority, the growth of…

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    Cycles of Political Change in the U.S.

    James Piereson talked about three political revolutions that set the stage for new phases of political and economic development in America: Thomas Jefferson’s “revolution of 1800,” the Civil War, and…

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    The Founders and Limited Government

    Panelists spoke about the vision of the country’s founders, the future of limited government, the results of recent elections, and potential political struggles in the 112th Congress. This was part of…

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    Collegiate Network 25th Anniversary Dinner

    The Collegiate Network held a dinner celebrating its 25th anniversary. A part of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, the Collegiate Network is a group of persons who mentor conservative…