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  • USChina Competition During the Cold War
    Last Aired

    U.S.-China Competition During the Cold War

    Professor Gregg Brazinsky talked about the competition between the United States and China to influence newly independent African and Asian countries during the Cold War. He is the author…

  • Emigration and Evolution of American Seeds
    Last Aired

    Emigration and Evolution of American Seeds

    Courtney Fullilove talked about how certain seed strains made their way to the United States as well as how collections for seed banks function today. Her presentation focused on her book,…

  • National Identity and American Civil Religion
    Last Aired

    National Identity and American Civil Religion

    Walter A. McDougall talked about how past U.S. presidents have used speeches to formulate a national identity based on what he calls “civil religion.” He explained that national symbols and ideas, such…

  • Economic Growth after 1973
    Last Aired

    Economic Growth after 1973

    Marc Levinson talked about his book, An Extraordinary Time: The End of the Postwar Boom and the Return of the Ordinary Economy. Mr. Levinson looked at into the wide-ranging methods used by…

  • Cold War Summits 19851991
    Last Aired

    Cold War Summits 1985-1991

    Historians talked about the Cold War summits between the United States and the Soviet Union from 1985 to 1991. Using declassified documents, they spoke about American and Soviet…

  • Russia China and the Third World
    Last Aired

    Russia, China, and the Third World

    Professor Jeremy Friedman talked about his book, Shadow Cold War: The Sino-Soviet Competition for the Third World. He spoke about Russian and Chinese efforts during the Cold War to dominate…

  • Matthew Dallek Discusses emDefenseless Under the Nightem
    Last Aired

    Defenseless Under the Night

    Professor Matthew Dallek talked about his book Defenseless Under the Night: The Roosevelt Years and the Origins of Homeland Security, in which he looks at the precursor to the Department of…

  • Rise of Conservative Media and Political Influence
    Last Aired

    Rise of Conservative Media and Political Influence

    Author Nicole Hemmer talked about her book, Messengers of the Right: Conservative Media and the Transformation of American Politics.

  • Humanitarianism in the Mid18th Century
    Last Aired

    Humanitarianism in the Mid-18th Century

    Amanda Moniz talked about her book, From Empire to Humanity: The American Revolution and the Origins of Humanitarianism. She spoke about the motivations and charity work of mid-18th century…

  • American Views on Global Human Rights
    Last Aired

    American Views on Global Human Rights

    Mark Philip Bradley talked about his book The World Reimagined: Americans and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century, in which he explores the history of American interest in global human…

  • Early Life and Career of Henry Kissinger
    Last Aired

    Early Life and Career of Henry Kissinger

    Professor Niall Ferguson talked about his book, Kissinger: 1234-1968: The Idealist. In his book, Professor Ferguson argues that Henry Kissinger’s approach to foreign policy was grounded in…

  • African Americans in the Workforce
    Last Aired

    African Americans in the Workforce

    Historians and scholars discuss African Americans' historical presence in the workforce. Topics included black farmers, the first black millionaire in New York, and African American men working in…

  • Mexicos AntiSubversion Laws
    Last Aired

    Mexico's Anti-Subversion Laws

    Halbert Jones talked about Mexico’s anti-subversion laws, which were in effect between 1941 and 1970. Professor Jones argued that vague laws with harsh penalties, such as Article 145, were…

  • Book Discussion emJohn Birchem
    Last Aired

    Book Discussion John Birch

    Terry Lautz talked about his book, John Birch: A Life, about the life of missionary John Birch, who was killed in China in 1945, and is best remembered as the namesake for the right-wing…

  • Jennifer Mittelstadt Discusses Military Welfare Programs
    Last Aired

    Military Welfare Programs

    Jennifer Mittelstadt talked about her book The Rise of the Military Welfare State, which gives an in-depth look at the rise of military social welfare programs and how they have changed through the decades…

  • Foreign Intervention in Africa During the Cold War
    Last Aired

    Foreign Intervention in Africa During the Cold War

    Elizabeth Schmidt talked about how foreign intervention influenced emerging nations in Africa during the Cold War. She spoke about how former colonial powers dealt with these countries as they gained…

  • Discussion on the Bible in American Public Life
    Last Aired

    Bible in American Public Life

    Mark Noll talked about the bible’s role in American public life between 1492 and 1783. Professor Noll argued that Americans frequently relied on the bible to both support and oppose…

  • Jack Ross on emThe Socialist Party of Americaem
    Last Aired

    The Socialist Party of America

    Jack Ross talked about his book The Socialist Party of America, a critical history of the Socialist Party of America. Commentary was provided by Eric Arnesen, J. Arthur Bloom, Ernest Evans,…

  • Discussion on African Americans and Anticolonialism in Africa
    Last Aired

    African Americans and Anti-colonialism in Africa

    Professor Carol Anderson, author of Bourgeois Radicals: the NAACP and the Struggle for Colonial Liberation, 1941 to 1960, talked about African Americans' support for anti-colonialism in…

  • emThe Strategistem
    Last Aired

    The Strategist

    Bartholomew Sparrow talked about The Strategist: Brent Scowcroft and the Call of National Security, his biography of former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft. Professor Sparrow…

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