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    Syrian Civil War and Chemical Weapons

    Mona Yacoubian talked about efforts by international inspectors to locate and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons, as well as the continued violence in Syria. She also responded to telephone…

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    Civil Unrest in Syria

    Middle East policy experts spoke about the on-going civil unrest and the evolving military situation in Syria. Topics included the background of the conflicts, potential U.S. involvement,…

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    U.S. Policy Toward Syria

    Mona Yacoubian talked about Secretary of State John Kerry’s announcement that the the U.S. would provide financial, medical and food aid to the Syrian opposition. She also responded to…

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    Syrian Transition After Assad Regime

    Panelists talked about the civil war in Syria and the potential for the Assad regime to fall. The Institute for the Study of War’s Joseph Holliday said the fall of the Assad regime will not be a collapse but…

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    Developments in Syria

    Mona Yacoubian talked about developments in Syria, the response from the international community and the impact of the violence on countries in the region. Topics included warnings from the…

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    North Africa and Middle East Unrest

    Panelists talked about issues of importance to American and Arab relations. The first panel concentrated on Syria and the opposition to Assad’s government. The second panel was on the major…

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    Mona Yacoubian on the Situation in Syria

    Mona Yacoubian talked about the situation in Syria and what - if anything - can be done to prevent further massacres. She reacted to video clips of Secretary Hillary Clinton speaking in…