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    Supreme Court Landmark Case Korematsu v. United States

    Peter Irons and Karen Korematsu talked about the 1944 U.S. Supreme Court case Korematsu V. United States, in which the court ruled 6-3 that Japanese internment camps were necessary for the…

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    Churchill-Roosevelt Legacy

    A discussion on the lasting legacies of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Both British and American panelists explore the strengths and weaknesses of these men and how they compare…

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    Franklin Roosevelt's Foreign Affairs Advisers

    A panel discussion was held on the role and influence of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inner circle of advisers on the foreign policy and military decisions in his administration. Topics included lessons…

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    The Special U.S.-U.K. Relationship

    Alan Lowe and Rob Havers made the opening remarks for the second day of the conference “The United States and Great Britain: The Legacy of Churchill’s Atlantic Alliance.” David Reynolds spoke on “Churchill and the…

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    Hudson Valley 400th Anniversary, Panel 3

    Historians spoke on a panel titled “Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relation.” The panelists were editors or contributors to the book Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relations: 1609-2009 (State University of New…

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    F.D.R.: The First Hundred Days

    Anthony Badger talked about his book F.D.R.: The First Hundred Days (Hill and Wang; 1998). In his book historian Anthony Badger explores the first one hundred days of Franklin D.…

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    Transition from WWII to the Cold War

    Scholars and historians discussed how the United States and United Kingdom relationship evolved as World War II gave way to the Cold War. Professor Fitzgerald moderated. This program, “From Hot to Cold War,”…