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  • Dr Ezekiel Emanuel Delivers Remarks on the Future of Health Care
    Last Aired

    Future of Health Care Symposium, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel Remarks

    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel gave a keynote address on the future of health care. He also discussed practices highlighted in his latest book, Prescription for the Future on making the U.S. health…

  • Washington Journal Dr Ezekiel Emanuel on Antibiotic Resistance
    Last Aired

    Antibiotic Resistance and Superbugs

    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, with the University of Pennsylvania, discusses antibiotic resistance and the rise of superbugs, as well as what can be done to slow the evolution of these strains of…

  • Discussion on Food Regulation
    Last Aired

    Food Regulation

    Panelists talked about the government’s regulation of food and the American diet. Topics included food labelling, school lunches, advertising, food safety, obesity and antibiotics in food.…

  • Washington Journal Dr Ezekiel Emanuel on emKing v Burwellem Ruling
    Last Aired

    King v. Burwell Supreme Court Ruling

    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel talked about the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision upholding subsidies in the Affordable Care Act and why health care reform had become such a divisive issue.

  • Reaction to emKing v Burwellem Supreme Court Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Activity and Reaction King v. Burwell Oral Argument

    Representatives of advocacy groups and the public demonstrated outside of the U.S. Supreme Court during oral argument in King v. Burwell, which questions the legality of subsidies for…

  • emAmericas Bitter Pillem
    Last Aired

    America's Bitter Pill

    Steven Brill talked about his book, America’s Bitter Pill: Money, Politics, Backroom Deals, and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System, about the creation, passage, and effectiveness…

  • After Words with Ezekiel Emanuel
    Last Aired

    After Words with Ezekiel Emanuel

    Ezekiel Emmanuel, the former White House adviser on health care, talked about his book, Reinventing American Health Care: How the Affordable Care Act Will Improve Our Terribly Complex,…

  • Washington Journal Affordable Health Care Act
    Last Aired

    Reinventing American Health Care

    Ezekiel Emanuel talked about his new book, Reinventing American Health Care, which defends the Affordable Health Care Act. He was a key architect of the health care law. Mr. Emanuel reacted to…

  • Ezekiel Emanuel at the Washington Ideas Forum
    Last Aired

    Ezekiel Emanuel at the Washington Ideas Forum

    Ezekiel Emanuel, chair of the Medical Ethics and Health Policy Department at the University of Pennsylvania, spoke about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Topics included problems with…

  • Ezekiel Emanuel Discusses His Book Brothers Emanuel
    Last Aired

    Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family

    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a former White House Health Care Adviser, and brother to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Hollywood Talent Agent Ari Emanuel, talked about his new memoir, Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an…

  • Federal Health Care Law
    Last Aired

    Federal Health Care Law

    Panelists talked about the Supreme Court cases that challenged the legality of the Affordable Care Act, the health care law. The last four minutes of the event were cut off for live…

  • Health Care Costs
    Last Aired

    Health Care Costs

    Governor John Kitzhaber (D-OR) talked about his state’s efforts to lower health care costs. He described the coordinate care model, in which doctors are paid based on overall health…

  • Activists on Supreme Court Health Care Oral Arguments
    Last Aired

    Activists on Supreme Court Health Care Oral Arguments

    Activists in favor of and opposed to the health care law spoke outside the Supreme Court following the first day of oral arguments.

  • Consumer Choice Nutrition and Policy
    Last Aired

    Consumer Choice, Nutrition, and Policy

    Panelists talked about ways the food industry can better inform consumers on calorie consumption and portion control. They answered questions from the audience.

  • emHealthcare Guaranteedem
    Last Aired

    Healthcare, Guaranteed

    Ezekiel Emanuel talked about his book, Healthcare, Guaranteed: A Simple Secure Solution for America, published by PublicAffairs (May 26, 2008). In the book he presents his plan to re-imagine the…

  • Health of Children in a Media Environment
    Last Aired

    Health of Children in a Media Environment

    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel moderated a panel discussion on the health effects on children of media exposure and keeping kids healthy in a “24/7” media environment. Among televisions, the Internet, iPods,…

  • Childrens Media and Ethics
    Last Aired

    Children\'s Media and Ethics

    Walter Isaacson moderated a panel discussion of a media code of ethics for children’s art and creativity programming. Topics included profit and markets, violence, artistic honesty, international ethical…