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  • Medicare and Social Security Report
    Last Aired

    Medicare and Social Security Report

    Participants talked about Social Security and Medicare solvency and about the ways in which health care reform legislation would affect people in those programs. They also responded to…

  • State Pension and Health Care Plans
    Last Aired

    State Pension and Health Care Plans

    David Walker made opening remarks at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce conference on the growing problems with underfunded state pension and health benefit plans. Afterward, he responded to…

  • Federal Deficit Reduction
    Last Aired

    Federal Deficit Reduction

    House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer talked about federal deficit reduction. In his remarks he said tax increases will eventually be necessary to address mounting debt and that middle class…

  • Federal Budget and the National Debt Closing
    Last Aired

    Federal Budget and the National Debt, Closing

    Following a videotaped interview with Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker on the state of the economy and government responses to the economic crisis, participants spoke about…

  • emComeback Americaem
    Last Aired

    Comeback America

    David Walker, former comptroller general of the U.S. and CEO of the Government Accountability Office, argues that we must put controls on government spending and take action to lower our…

  • Strategic Planning Investment and Partisanship
    Last Aired

    Strategic Planning, Investment, and Partisanship

    Panelists talked about bipartisanship for the purposes of strategic planning and investing in the future. Topics included national security, education, and energy issues. Following their remarks, panelists…

  • Partisanship and Governance in Washington
    Last Aired

    Partisanship and Governance in Washington

    Panelists talked about challenges to U.S. fiscal and economic health and identified ways to overcome a “broken” Washington. Among the topics they addressed were the state of the U.S. economy, trade agreements, the…

  • Budget Reform Policy Forum Part 1
    Last Aired

    Budget Reform Policy Forum, Part 1

    Participants spoke about the federal budget deficit, U.S. fiscal policy, the impact of economic stimulus legislation on the economy, and financial market regulation. They also answered…

  • Health Care Debate
    Last Aired

    Health Care Debate

    David Walker, former Government Accountability Office comptroller, talked about the health care debate and how the current proposals will impact the economy and the national deficit. He…

  • Presidential Economic Address Reaction
    Last Aired

    Presidential Economic Address Reaction

    Telephone lines were open for comments after President Obama’s first economic address. Comments were made by Skype from the C-SPAN Bus at the University of Las Vegas. Robert Scott reported…

  • Fiscal Responsibility Summit Closing
    Last Aired

    Fiscal Responsibility Summit Closing

    President Obama made closing remarks to members of Congress, senior administration officials, business leaders, policy makers and economists at a fiscal summit to examine fiscal…

  • Higher Education Funding
    Last Aired

    Higher Education Funding

    David Walker talked about the implication of economic challenges on educational institutions. He compared the US to other nations in the areas of educational infrastructure and social…

  • US Economy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Economy

    Representative Jim Moran held a town hall meeting on the economy at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. Topics included the impact of economic trends on Northern Virginia and…