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  • Life and Career of Pete Domenici
    Last Aired

    Life and Career of Pete Domenici

    Senator Pete Domenici spoke about his career in the Senate and his future as a private citizen. He was interviewed in his office prior to his retirement in January 2009, after having served…

  • 1990 Federal Budget Deal
    Last Aired

    1990 Federal Budget Deal

    Former congressional leaders talked about the process of reaching their 1990 deficit agreement that eventually helped bring the federal budget into surplus. Topics included the major leaders in the…

  • Arctic and UltraDeepwater Oil Exploration
    Last Aired

    Offshore Drilling Challenges

    Principal Deputy Assistant Energy Secretary for Fossil Energy Chris Smith talked about the challenges of offshore drilling in the Gulf and the Arctic with regard to safety and regulations. He said that as energy…

  • Treasury Secretary The Debt Ceiling
    Last Aired

    Debt Ceiling

    Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew spoke at a Bipartisan Policy Center forum on raising the debt ceiling. He urged Congress to raise the debt ceiling and said the government was likely to exhaust…

  • Treasury Sec Nominee Jacob Lew Faces Confirmation Hearing
    Last Aired

    Treasury Secretary Nomination Hearing

    The Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew’s nomination as secretary of the treasury. Mr. Lew answered questions on tax reform, sequestration budget cuts,…

  • Reducing Health Care Costs
    Last Aired

    Reducing Health Care Costs

    Businessmen and politicians agreed that rising health care costs were one of the main factors driving long term deficits in the U.S. They discussed ways to make the health care system more efficient…

  • US Debt and National Security Defense Department Perspective
    Last Aired

    U.S. Debt and National Security, Defense Department Perspective

    Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Admiral Mike Mullen and other former national security officials talked about the impact of U.S. debt on national security. Among the topics they…

  • US Debt and Fiscal Outlook
    Last Aired

    U.S. Debt and Fiscal Outlook

    A bipartisan group of former government officials and members of Congress talked about federal debt and the nation’s long-term fiscal challenges. All of the panelists agreed that political…

  • Tax Code Changes
    Last Aired

    Tax Code Changes

    Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus (D-MT) outlined his committee’s efforts to write a proposal for changing the U.S. tax code. He said revenue must be part of tax reform efforts. After the…

  • NunnLugar Arms Control Act Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Nunn-Lugar Arms Control Act Anniversary

    On the anniversary of their co-authored arms control legislation, Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) and former Senator Sam Nunn (D-GA) talked about efforts to secure and dismantle weapons of…

  • Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction Hearing
    Last Aired

    Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction Hearing

    Former officials tasked with finding a solution to the nation’s debt and deficit problems testified about their previous attempts to offer solutions and the work of the Joint Select Committee on…

  • Budget Reconciliation Conference
    Last Aired

    Budget Reconciliation Conference

    House and Senate Budget Committee conferees worked on a final version of the budget reconciliation bill, which attempts to balance the federal budget in seven years.

  • Public Response to Deficit Reduction
    Last Aired

    Public Response to Deficit Reduction

    Participants spoke about efforts to reduce the deficit through spending cuts and tax reform, as well as public perceptions of the various proposals offered over the prior few months. They…

  • US Senators Condemn 911 Terrorist Attacks 2001
    Last Aired

    Senate Session

    Senators delivered speeches regarding the terrorist attacks that occurred the day before, on September 11th, 2001. They issued a joint-resolution condemning the terrorist attack.

  • Budget Negotiations
    Last Aired

    Budget Negotiations

    After meeting with Democratic leaders, Republican leaders expressed their disappointment at President Clinton’s latest budget proposal. They emphasized that he did not live up to the terms…

  • Government Shutdown
    Last Aired

    Government Shutdown

    Republican congressional leaders met with reporters to respond to President Clinton’s earlier announcement of the partial government shutdown.

  • Deficit Reduction and Tax Reform Plans
    Last Aired

    Deficit Reduction and Tax Reform Plans

    Former Senator Pete Domenichi and Joseph Minarik of the Bipartisan Policy Center talked about their proposed debt reduction and tax reform plan, and the plan released by President Obama’s Deficit…

  • Debt Reduction Task Force Plan
    Last Aired

    Debt Reduction Task Force Plan

    Commission members spoke to reporters and answered questions about the release of Restoring America’s Future, a “bipartisan, comprehensive, and politically viable budget plan to reduce the debt…

  • Scalia Confirmation Hearing Day 1
    Last Aired

    Scalia Confirmation Hearing Day 1

    Judge Antonin Scalia responded to questions from committee members about his views regarding such topics as federal-state relationships, the Constitution, death penalty, abortion, national…

  • Debt Reduction Task Force
    Last Aired

    Debt Reduction Task Force

    The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) launched its Debt Reduction Task Force, led by former Senator Pete Domenici and Dr. Alice Rivlin, with budget experts, business and labor leaders, stakeholders,…

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