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  • Economic Policy
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    Economic Policy

    Former Vice President Gore spoke about the need to focus policy debate on the U.S. economy. He said that the talk of war with Iraq was consuming political discourse and was not as important…

  • Enron Bankruptcy and the Accounting Industry
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    Enron Bankruptcy and the Accounting Industry

    Officers of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and economic experts talked about the effect of the Enron bankruptcy on both large and small accounting companies. They…

  • Is Microsoft Still a Monopoly
    Last Aired

    Is Microsoft Still a Monopoly?

    Participants talked about the state of competition in the computer software industry, the status of the antitrust case against Microsoft, potential regulation of the industry, and the…

  • The Clinton Legacy
    Last Aired

    The Clinton Legacy

    Participants spoke about the Clinton presidency and how it might be remembered. Among the issues they addressed were his trade and foreign policies, economic policies, relations with the…

  • Technology and the Global Economy
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    Technology and the Global Economy

    Participants talked about how the presidential candidates might approach economic policy and how technology and trade policy could sustain economic growth. Among the issues they addressed…

  • Future of Microsoft
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    Future of Microsoft

    Panel members discussed the current anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft, and considered proposals to break up the company to enhance competition in the software industry. After their…

  • New Rules in Global Commerce
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    New Rules in Global Commerce

    Participants spoke about an upcoming ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization in Seattle, Washington, focusing on several issues of contention and what sorts of agreements might…

  • The Asian Economic Crisis
    Last Aired

    The Asian Economic Crisis

    Witnesses testified regarding lessons learned from the Asian economic crisis and the actions of the International Monetary Fund in resolving the crisis. They focused on the need for…

  • Global Economics
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    Global Economics

    Secretary Summers talked about how the U.S. engages with the rest of the world in a global economy. He talked about the important role of the U.S. in global integration. He also focused on…

  • Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee
    Last Aired

    Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee

    Panelists talked about the regulatory structure of the committee, discussed bank mergers, and credit unions. The committee is made up of independent financial service executives and various…

  • Evaluation of Social Class in the US
    Last Aired

    Evaluation of Social Class in the U.S.

    Mr. Broder moderated this panel on the declining importance of class in the U.S. After the opening presentation by Ms. Sawhill and a response by Mr. Lipset, there was a general discussion among all the…

  • Economic Campaign Issues
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    Economic Campaign Issues

    Economic advisers from the Clinton and Dole campaigns and others discussed economic issues, especially the challenge of fostering higher economic growth rates without causing inflation.…

  • Charting a Future for the Civil Jury System
    Last Aired

    Charting a Future for the Civil Jury System

    Scholars and attorneys spoke in a news conference to announce the release of a new report entitled, “Charting a Future for the Civil Jury System.” The discussion focused on reform…

  • Impact of Banking Reform on Housing Credit
    Last Aired

    Impact of Banking Reform on Housing Credit

    The National Housing Conference, Inc., an organization whose goal is to create public awareness of housing policies and public housing programs, held a news conference to address the topic…

  • US Financial Services at the Crossroads
    Last Aired

    U.S. Financial Services at the Crossroads

    The forum focused on legislative policy issues which primarily impact state financial services organizations. They spoke of the different financial reform ideas that are being proposed in Congress. A key question is…