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  • Norman Ornstein Discusses emOne Nation After Trumpem
    Last Aired

    One Nation After Trump

    Norman Ornstein talked about his book One Nation After Trump, in which he offers his thoughts on the Trump administration. He spoke at the 2017 Miami Book Fair.

  • Panel Discussion on the Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    Panel Discussion on the Supreme Court

    Panelists talked about the Supreme Court. Panelists included Sheryll Cashin, author of Loving: Interracial Intimacy in America and the Threat to White Supremacy, and Norman Ornstein,…

  • Brookings Forum Examines Record of the 115th Congress
    Last Aired

    Procedure and Politics of the 115th Congress

    Political scientists and reporters talked about the impact of House and Senate procedures on passing legislation in the 115th Congress, where Republican hold majorities in both chambers. The discussion…

  • National Constitution Center Freedom Day Celebration Part 2
    Last Aired

    National Constitution Center Freedom Day Celebration, Part 2

    The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia held its annual symposium exploring the relationship between the Constitution and freedom. The event also marked the launch of the center’s…

  • Voters with Disabilities and Campaign 2016 Part 3
    Last Aired

    Voters with Disabilities and Campaign 2016, Part 3

    Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA) outlined ways the disabled community and advocacy organizations can engage with lawmakers to get their issues addressed in Congress. After Representative Sherman’s…

  • Discussion on Campaign 2016
    Last Aired

    2016 Elections

    Political analysts talked about the 2016 presidential, Senate, House, and gubernatorial contests. Topics included the state of the Republican Party, and whether Republican presidential…

  • Discussion on the 2016 Presidential Election
    Last Aired

    2016 Elections Preview

    Panelists talked about the current field of candidates and campaigns for the 2016 elections. They discussed the presidential race as well as the U.S. Senate and House elections, and the potential…

  • Executive Action on Immigration
    Last Aired

    Executive Action on Immigration

    Panelists talked about options for executive action on Immigration and the potential impact of the results of the 2014 midterm elections on President Obama’s actions and immigration policy.…

  • Discussion on the Congressional Ethics Process
    Last Aired

    Congressional Ethics

    Government advocates talked about possible reforms to the congressional ethics process. They focused on the findings of the group Public Citizen’s newly-released report on House and Senate…

  • Discussion on the 2014 Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    2014 Midterm Election Review

    Panelists talked about the results of the 2014 midterm elections and potential impact of a Republican-controlled Senate on the 114th Congress. “AEI Election Watch 2014: A Postelection…

  • Washington Journal Eric Cantors Primary Loss
    Last Aired

    Impact of Eric Cantor's Primary Loss

    Norm Ornstein talked about the implications of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) primary loss means for the congressional agenda for the rest of the year. C-SPAN Radio’s Nancy Calo…

  • Campaign Finance Laws and Disclosure
    Last Aired

    Campaign Finance Disclosure

    The Senate Rules and Administration Committee held a hearing on campaign finance law, the first congressional hearing since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling earlier in the month that struck down…

  • 113th Congress Review
    Last Aired

    113th Congress Review

    Congressional scholars Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein talked about the year 2013 on Capitol Hill and assessed the 113th Congress. They spoke about approval ratings and trust ratings that put…

  • Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein on Government Shutdown
    Last Aired

    Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein on Government Shutdown

    Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein talked about the political, ideological, legislative, and institutional causes of the dysfunction that leads to situations such as the possible government shutdown and…

  • Norm Ornstein on Senate Filibuster Rule Changes
    Last Aired

    Norm Ornstein on Senate Filibuster Rule Changes

    Norman Ornstein talked about the previous night’s meeting among Senators in an effort to avoid changing Senate filibuster rules on executive branch nominees. He also responded to telephone…

  • emIts Even Worse Than It Looksem
    Last Aired

    It's Even Worse Than It Looks

    In their new book, congressional scholars Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein examine partisan politics in the U.S. government. The authors contend that the level of “hyperpartisanship” has resulted in a…

  • Washington Classroom with Norm Ornstein
    Last Aired

    Washington Classroom with Norm Ornstein

    Norm Ornstein talked about Congress and whether it should be considered the “broken branch.”

  • Senate Filibuster Reform
    Last Aired

    Senate Filibuster Reform

    Senior Republican policy advisers talked about proposed rule changes to the Senate filibuster. They said Democratic efforts to curb the rule’s use would obstruct Senate Republican’s from offering amendments and give Democrats…

  • Senate Filibuster Rules
    Last Aired

    Senate Filibuster Rules

    Norman Ornstein discussed the historical use of the Senate filibuster, the proposed changes to the rule, and the potential effects of changes to Senate procedure. He also responded to…

  • American Enterprise Institute PostElection Analysis
    Last Aired

    American Enterprise Institute Post-Election Analysis

    Panelists talked about 2012 voter blocs. Topics included which groups voted for which candidates, most important election issues, how soon voters made their ballot decisions, and some of…

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