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    U.S. Relief Efforts for Refugees in Iraq

    The committee heard testimony on the relief efforts being undertaken by the U.S. and allied militaries in Iraq for Kurdish refugees in northern Iraq. Approximately 1.6 million Kurds in Iraq fled…

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    Post-War Role of the United Nations

    The subcommittee heard testimony from Ambassador Pickering and Mr. Bolton on the role the United Nations should play in the Middle East following the Persian Gulf war. Issues raised during…

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    United Nations Role in Persian Gulf

    Witnesses testified on recent actions by the United Nations in light of recent events in the Persian Gulf. They noted that United States policies are in accord with resolutions passed by…

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    United States & UNESCO, Part 1

    This congressional hearing looks at U.S. participation in the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The contribution of the U.S. in the area of…