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    The Middle East and General Schwarzkopf

    Speaking before the National Press Club, television commentator David Frost discussed his recent trip to the Persian Gulf region and his March 20 interview with General Schwarzkopf. In the interview, broadcast on March 27 in the U.S., General Schwarzkopf,…

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    Economic and Budgetary Issues

    Mr. Boskin discussed the recent budget package passed by Congress and the current events in the world in relation to the economy.

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    State of the U.S. Economy

    Mr. Rohatyn assessed the health of the international and national economies. He also discussed the imminent budget summits and negotiations. Mr. Rohatyn was one of the main architects of New York…

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    Making a Greenhouse Policy

    Allan Bromley is President Bush’s adviser on science and technology. He presented the administration’s plan to combat the greenhouse effect. This plan will be presented at an upcoming…

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    Savings & Loan Bailout

    Mr. Seidman acted as the chairman of the Resolution Trust Corporation, which took over insolvent or potentially insolvent savings & loan institutions. The RTC had been in existence for seven months at…