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  • 1976 Republican National Convention
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    1976 Republican National Convention

    This program included highlights of CBS News coverage from the last contested Republican convention. The 1976 Republican National Convention met from August 16 to August 19 in Kansas City,…

  • LBJ Tapes December 1963
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    LBJ Tapes: December 1963

    Audio Stream Only

    President Lyndon Johnson’s December 1963 calls, in the early days of his presidency. President Lyndon Johnson continued to work with, and sometimes against, Congress on passage of President John…

  • 1964 CBS Special on the Warren Commission Report
    Last Aired

    1964 CBS Special on the Warren Commission Report

    The two-hour CBS News Extra, “November 22nd and The Warren Report,” was aired Sunday, September 27, 1964, a few days after the Warren Commission issued its report to the president, and at the…

  • John F Kennedy Assassination
    Last Aired

    John F. Kennedy Assassination

    Video clips of interviews were shown of personal memories of November 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Governor Connolly was in the car with President Kennedy and was…

  • John Connally Interview
    Last Aired

    John Connally Interview

    John Connally, who served as a long-time adviser to Lyndon B. Johnson, spoke with independent producer George Colburn about the relations between President Eisenhower and Senate Majority Leader Johnson, the…

  • Memorial Service for John Connally
    Last Aired

    Memorial Service for John Connally

    Contemporaries of former Texas Governor John Connally recalled his life and government service in remarks during a memorial service in Austin, Texas. The colorful former governor was…

  • Life and Career of John Connally
    Last Aired

    Life and Career of John Connally

    Governor Connally served as a three-term governor of the state of Texas. Born February 27, 1917, in Floresville, Texas, he received his education at the University of Texas and graduated in 1941. He discussed his…

  • The Life of LBJ Oral History
    Last Aired

    The Life of L.B.J.: Oral History

    This portion of the symposium celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of President Johnson’s inauguration featured an oral history of his presidency.