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  • Secretary Tillerson Reaffirms NATO Alliance in Wilson Center Speech
    Last Aired

    Secretary Tillerson on U.S.-European Relations

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson discussed the future of U.S. relations with Europe. He said Russia’s cyberattacks, energy policy, and invasion of Ukraine “are not the behaviors of a responsible nation.” In…

  • emInside Terrorismem
    Last Aired

    Inside Terrorism

    Bruce Hoffman talked about his book, Inside Terrorism, about the historical evolution of terrorism around the world and the rise of modern groups such as al Qaeda and ISIS.

  • Forum Focuses on Foreign Policy and the Trump Administration
    Last Aired

    Foreign Policy and the Trump Administration

    The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Wilson Center co-hosted a panel discussion about the results of a Chicago Council survey of public attitudes on foreign policy and the Trump administration. The…

  • Panelists Discuss Intelligence Gathering and Terror Threats
    Last Aired

    National Security Forum, Role of Intelligence

    Panelists talked about the role intelligence gathering plays in countering terror threats. Participants included National Counterterrorism Center Director Nick Rasmussen and the former…

  • Canadian Defense Minister Discusses Military Policy Review
    Last Aired

    Canadian Defense Policy

    Harjit Sajjan, Canada’s national defense minister, spoke about cooperation with the U.S. in modernizing the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). He also talked about other defense…

  • After Words with George Mitchell
    Last Aired

    After Words with George Mitchell

    Former Senator George Mitchell (D-ME) talked about his book A Path to Peace: A Brief History of Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations and a Way Forward in the Middle East, in which he examines…

  • Jeh Johnson Michael McCaul and Jane Harman Discuss Homeland Security Challenges
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security Challenges

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, House Homeland Security Committee Chair Michael McCaul (R-TX), and former Representative Jane Harman (D-CA) who now heads the Wilson Center talked about the challenges…

  • Susan Rice Discusses US Policy Toward Cuba
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Cuba

    Susan Rice outlined the Obama administration’s new policy directives to increase trade with and travel to Cuba. President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro announced on December 17,…

  • Secretary John Kerry Discusses US Trade Policy
    Last Aired

    Secretary John Kerry on U.S. Trade Policy

    Secretary of State John Kerry discussed the future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. He first paid tribute to the late Shimon Peres who served as Israel’s prime minister and president. In his remarks on…

  • Governor John Hickenlooper Discusses emThe Opposite of Woeem
    Last Aired

    The Opposite of Woe

    Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) talked about his book The Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics, in which he recounts his life and career. Governor Hickenlooper has gone from…

  • emAlter Egosem
    Last Aired

    Alter Egos

    Mark Landler talked about his book, Alter Egos: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Twilight Struggle Over American Power, about the relationship between President Obama and former Secretary…

  • Dr Anthony Fauci Discusses Response to Zika Virus
    Last Aired

    Zika Virus Response Efforts

    National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC’s Dr. Anne Schuchat, and former Representative Susan Mollinari talked about the threat posed by the spread…

  • Discussion on the Nuclear Security Summit
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Security Summit Preview

    Former State Department and National Security Council officials talked about the Obama administration’s approach to arms control. The discussion was held to coincide with President Obama’s…

  • Discussion on Encryption Technology
    Last Aired

    Smartphone Encryption

    Panelists talked about encryption technology, privacy, and national security. One of the panelists, Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA), said public involvement and debate was crucial to the case…

  • Panel Discussion on Former Librarian of Congress James Billington
    Last Aired

    Panel Discussion on Former Librarian of Congress James Billington

    Panelists talked about the life and career of Librarian of Congress James Billington, who served from 1987-2015.

  • Secretary Jeh Johnson State of Homeland Security Address
    Last Aired

    State of Homeland Security

    Secretary Jeh used slides as he outlined the progress of the Department of Homeland Security’s work to fight threats facing the country, and the goals for the department for 2016. Secretary Johnson said counter…

  • Discussion on Security Clearance Protocols
    Last Aired

    Security Clearance Process

    Intelligence experts and former government officials talked about the government security clearance process. They provided recommendations for improving the security clearance system,…

  • Discussion with White House Homeland Security Adviser Lisa Monaco
    Last Aired

    Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities

    Lisa Monaco, an adviser to President Obama on homeland security and counterterrorism issues, talked about federal efforts to combat cyberattacks. She announced the formation of a new…

  • Discussion with Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson
    Last Aired

    State of Homeland Security

    Secretary Jeh Johnson talked about the Department of Homeland Security’s work to fight threats facing the country. After his speech, he took questions from audience members on topics that…

  • Discussion on Political Unrest in Yemen
    Last Aired

    Political Unrest in Yemen

    Panelists talked about the political situation in Yemen, including the Houthi takeover and the resignation of the U.S.-backed government, and the broader consequences for the Middle East.…

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