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  • Federal Reserve Board of Governors Member Jay Powell Delivers Remarks on Housing Finance Reform
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    Housing Finance Reform

    Federal Reserve Board of Governors member Jay Powell spoke about housing finance policy. In his remarks he stressed that Congress needs to make changes to housing finance policy,…

  • Jerome Powell Delivers Remarks on Monetary Policy
    Last Aired

    Monetary Policy

    Federal Reserve Board Member Jerome Powell spoke at the Peterson Institute for International Economics about monetary policy and the status of the U.S. economy. He encouraged continued gradualism in…

  • Federal Reserve Meeting on Liquidity Rules
    Last Aired

    Federal Reserve Meeting on Financial Regulations

    Members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors held a meeting to discuss a final rule implementing stronger liquidity requirements for large banks as mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall…

  • Hearing on Fed HUD  NCUA Nominations
    Last Aired

    Federal Reserve, National Credit Union, and HUD Nominations

    The Senate Banking Committee held a hearing on the nominations for Federal Reserve, Housing and Urban Development Department, and National Credit Union Administration positions.

  • Federal Reserve Board of Governors Comments on the Volcker Rule
    Last Aired

    Federal Reserve Board of Governors Comments on the Volcker Rule

    Members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors commented on the Volcker Rule as they unanimously approved it. The rule aims to curtail risky transactions by banning banks from making…

  • FED Holds Open Meeting on Banking Regulations
    Last Aired

    Large Banks and Capital Requirements

    The Federal Reserve held an open meeting of the Board of Governors to discuss a final rulemaking to strengthen and overhaul the regulatory capital framework for banking organizations. Board…

  • Jay Powell on Consequences of Debt Default
    Last Aired

    Jay Powell on Consequences of Debt Default

    Jay Powell spoke about the past weekend’s negotiations over the debt ceiling and the Treasury Department’s emergency plan to prioritize payments and avoid default if the $14.29 trillion…

  • Impact of US Debt Default
    Last Aired

    Impact of U.S. Debt Default

    Jerome Powell talked about recent analysis by the Bipartisan Policy Center that found that if the debt ceiling is not raised, the government could not afford to meet 44 percent of its…

  • Government Securities Reform
    Last Aired

    Government Securities Reform

    The subcommittee heard testimony on the Government Securities Exchange Act of 1991, in the third hearing of the subcommittee’s investigation of the U.S. securities market. Witnesses…

  • Securities Trading Investigation
    Last Aired

    Securities Trading Investigation

    The subcommittee heard testimony on reports of government securities trading violations by the financial firm Salomon Brothers. The witnesses testified on a report submitted to the subcommittee on the…

  • Restructuring of Banking Industry
    Last Aired

    Restructuring of Banking Industry

    The committee heard testimony on methods of restructuring the U.S. banking system. In particular, the committee heard testimony on a plan introduced by Rep. Schumer to make federal deposit insurance…

  • Impact of Banking Reform
    Last Aired

    Impact of Banking Reform

    The subcommittee heard testimony on banking reform proposals, and the possible effects of the proposals on bank depositors. Banking reform measures included legislation that would allow stable…