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  • Future of the American Labor Movement
    Last Aired

    Future of the American Labor Movement

    Richard Trumka talked about his vision for the future of the trade union movement and the challenges and choices facing organized labor today. Among the topics he addressed were rising…

  • AFLCIO Turn Around America Rally
    Last Aired

    AFL-CIO Turn Around America Rally

    AFL-CIO leaders and officials addressed union representatives during a rally for Sen. Obama. Topics included labor issues and Sen. Obama’s positions on them. AFL-CIO Turn Around America…

  • Labor Unions and Midterm Election Campaigns
    Last Aired

    Labor Unions and Midterm Election Campaigns

    Mr. Trumka talked by remote video from Pittsburgh about labor union involvement in midterm election campaigns and other issues including minimum wage, employment, worker pensions vs. CEO…

  • The Growing US Trade Deficit
    Last Aired

    The Growing U.S. Trade Deficit

    The AFL-CIO and U.S. Business and Industry Council held a day-long conference on America’s growing trade deficit, “Trade Summit 2006: Crisis and Opportunity.” The first panel focused on the…

  • Chinese Currency Control
    Last Aired

    Chinese Currency Control

    Mr. Trumpka and others called on the Bush administration to take bold action against China’s unfair manipulation of currency. Members of the panel used charts and graphs to talk about the…

  • 2005 Labor Convention
    Last Aired

    2005 Labor Convention

    America’s union members and leaders came together at Chicago’s Navy Pier July 25-28 for the convention “Building New Strength and Jobs for Working Families,” the 50th anniversary of the…

  • Individual Social Security Accounts
    Last Aired

    Individual Social Security Accounts

    Mr. Trumka talked about the AFL-CIO’s campaign against Charles Schwab, Wacovia, and other Wall Street companies that were promoting social security private accounts. Labor unions contended that…

  • Democratic National Convention Day 4 Afternoon
    Last Aired

    Democratic National Convention, Day 4 Afternoon

    Democratic Party leaders spoke about party platform issues, the Bush administration record, and Senator John Kerry’s presidential campaign. Entertainment portions and short videos relating…

  • 2000 Democratic Convention Day 2 Afternoon
    Last Aired

    2000 Democratic Convention Day 2, Afternoon

    Democratic officials spoke to supporters about the upcoming 2000 election. They urged voters to support Vice President Al Gore.

  • Democratic Platform Committee Meeting Morning
    Last Aired

    Democratic Platform Committee Meeting, Morning

    The DNC Platform Drafting Committee presented its 2004 platform recommendations to the full platform committee. The full DNC Platform Committee had 186 members responsible for reviewing the…

  • Future of American Manufacturing
    Last Aired

    Future of American Manufacturing

    Panelists talked about the future of manufacturing jobs in America. Among the issues addressed were the importance of manufacturing to the U.S. economy, pressure on manufacturers to cut…

  • Overtime Pay Regulations
    Last Aired

    Overtime Pay Regulations

    Witnesses testified about proposed changes to regulations governing overtime pay for white collar workers. Among the topics they addressed were the types and number of workers affected by…

  • USChina Economic Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-China Economic Relations

    The committee heard testimony about U.S. economic relations with China. There was testimony that China is an important but unstable market. China is working to develop its own industries but is not in…

  • Labor Day Roundtable on Jobs  the Economy
    Last Aired

    Labor Day Roundtable on Jobs & the Economy

    Mr. Sweeny and Mr. Trumka spoke to labor leaders about the state of the economy and the job market. Among the topics they addressed were union organization, the impact of tax cuts on…

  • Proposed Overtime Regulations
    Last Aired

    Proposed Overtime Regulations

    Workers spoke to reporters about their opposition to proposed changes to rules governing payment of overtime. The news conference was held outside the Labor Department after a dispute over…

  • Employment and the Manufacturing Industry
    Last Aired

    Employment and the Manufacturing Industry

    Legislators and labor leaders spoke about the state of the economy, economic stimulus proposals to create jobs, and the agenda for the union movement. They also talked about effective…

  • Corporate Accountability
    Last Aired

    Corporate Accountability

    Mr. Trumka talked about labor’s view of corporate accountability and other issues. The AFL-CIO had just held three days of rallies (July 29 - July 31) on corporate accountability. He also…

  • Emergency Response and Homeland Security
    Last Aired

    Emergency Response and Homeland Security

    Mr. Kasinitz and Mr. Trumka talked about federal proposals to improve emergency response to terrorist attacks and other disasters, homeland security, and aid to local fire departments.

  • Working Families Forum
    Last Aired

    Working Families Forum

    Labor leaders and others talked about the plight of working families in America. The event coincided with a meeting of the World Economic Forum and concentrated on workers rights,…

  • Former Enron Employees Meeting
    Last Aired

    Former Enron Employees' Meeting

    After meeting with former Enron employees, Rev. Jackson and Mr. Trumka talked with reporters about the loss of retirement funds caused by the Enron bankruptcy. They answered

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