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    25th Anniversary of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty

    Former Reagan administration officials talked about negotiating a 1987 nuclear missile treaty with the Soviet Union. The Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), led to the destruction of…

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    Conflict in Former Yugoslavia

    The guests discussed the current situation in Bosnia, where calls have increased in recent weeks for the Allied countries to intervene militarily to end the Serbian attacks on Muslims in…

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    Conflict in Former Yugoslavia and NATO

    The news conference concerned the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the role it might play in ending the fighting between the former Republics of Yugoslavia. Mr. Abshire, Mr. Burt, and Mr. Woolsey…

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    A Changing Global Dynamic

    Senator Tim Wirth’s (D-CO) seminar was entitled “A Changing Global Dynamic.” He discussed the changing relative global power of the United States, and introduced speakers who explored…