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  • After Words with Howard Friel
    Last Aired

    After Words with Howard Friel

    Howard Friel was interviewed about the book he co-wrote, The Record of the Paper: How the “New York Times” Misreports U.S. Foreign Policy, published by Verso. He was interviewed by Mr.…

  • The Future of Neoconservatism
    Last Aired

    The Future of Neoconservatism

    Panelists discussed neoconservatism and the war in Iraq. The panel was moderated by New Yorker staff-writer George Packer. Mr. Adelman’s books include The Defense Revolution: Intelligent Downsizing of…

  • US Policy in Iraq
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy in Iraq

    Ambassador Adelman discussed U.S. policy in Iraq. He was U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations during the Reagan administration. He also responded to telephone calls, faxes, and electronic…

  • US Policy Toward Iraq
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Iraq

    Mr. Adelman talked about U.S. policy towards Iraq, including Secretary Powell’s presentation to the United Nations. He responded to audience telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail.

  • Foreign Affairs News Review
    Last Aired

    Foreign Affairs News Review

    Mr. Adelman talked about Iraq, the role of the Defense Policy Board and the meeting of military leaders in Crawford, Texas. He also talked about military and foreign affairs news of the…