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  • Working in the Reagan Administration
    Last Aired

    Working in the Reagan Administration

    Three former members of the Reagan Administration reflected on their time in the White House and their interactions with the president. They spoke about Ronald Reagan’s leadership style and diplomatic…

  • Discussion Focuses on Arms Control and USRussia Relations
    Last Aired

    Arms Control and U.S.-Russia Relations

    The Brookings Institution held a discussion on the history of the 1986 nuclear arms control summit between President Ronald Reagan and Russian Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev. Topics…

  • After Words Ken Adleman
    Last Aired

    After Words with Ken Adleman

    Ambassador Ken Adelman talked about his book, Reagan at Reykjavik: The Forty-Eight Hours That Ended the Cold War, in which he provides a firsthand account of the 1986 summit in Iceland,…

  • Intelligence Used to End the Cold War Part 1
    Last Aired

    Intelligence Used to End the Cold War, Part 1

    On November 2, 2011, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released a collection of 200 declassified intelligence documents that informed President Reagan’s U.S.-Soviet policy. Never-before-seen video briefings included in…

  • The Presidency in the Nuclear Age Panel 3
    Last Aired

    The Presidency in the Nuclear Age, Panel 3

    A panel discussion was held on how U.S. foreign policy and the presidency have been shaped by the development, use, and spread of nuclear weapons focused on the arms race and efforts to curtail it during the…

  • Prosperity Peace and Freedom
    Last Aired

    Prosperity, Peace, and Freedom

    Participants reflected on the Reagan Administration and his views on foreign policy. They focused on the increased strength of American defenses and the fight against Communism. They also…

  • After Words with Howard Friel
    Last Aired

    After Words with Howard Friel

    Howard Friel was interviewed about the book he co-wrote, The Record of the Paper: How the “New York Times” Misreports U.S. Foreign Policy, published by Verso. He was interviewed by Mr.…

  • The Future of Neoconservatism
    Last Aired

    The Future of Neoconservatism

    Panelists discussed neoconservatism and the war in Iraq. The panel was moderated by New Yorker staff-writer George Packer. Mr. Adelman’s books include The Defense Revolution: Intelligent Downsizing of…

  • US Policy in Iraq
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy in Iraq

    Ambassador Adelman discussed U.S. policy in Iraq. He was U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations during the Reagan administration. He also responded to telephone calls, faxes, and electronic…

  • US Military Doctrine
    Last Aired

    U.S. Military Doctrine

    Senator Feinstein spoke about U.S. foreign policy and the use of preemptive force in advancing foreign policy goals. Among the issues she addressed were intelligence estimates and reports…

  • US Policy Toward Iraq
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Iraq

    Mr. Adelman talked about U.S. policy towards Iraq, including Secretary Powell’s presentation to the United Nations. He responded to audience telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail.

  • Foreign Affairs News Review
    Last Aired

    Foreign Affairs News Review

    Mr. Adelman talked about Iraq, the role of the Defense Policy Board and the meeting of military leaders in Crawford, Texas. He also talked about military and foreign affairs news of the…

  • emShakespeare in Chargeem
    Last Aired

    Shakespeare in Charge

    Mr. Adelman and Mr. Augustine talked about their book Shakespeare in Charge: The Bard’s Guide to Leading and Succeeding on the Business Stage, published by Hyperion. The authors explain in the book how…

  • Daybook Interview
    Last Aired

    Daybook Interview

    In the daybook interview, Mr. Adelman, a former director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, talked about current headlines and took audience calls, faxes, and electronic mail.

  • Reykjavik Summit
    Last Aired

    Reykjavik Summit

    Mr. Cochran moderated a panel on the 1986 Reykjavik, Iceland Summit. Panelists speculated about how the summit might have ended differently if President Reagan had agreed to abandon the…

  • Reykjavik Summit
    Last Aired

    Reykjavik Summit

    Prior to the panel, Mr. Palazchenko read a letter from former Soviet President Gorbachev regretting that he could not attend the forum. Then U.S. and Soviet participants in the 1986 summit…

  • Washington Journal Wednesday
    Last Aired

    Washington Journal: Wednesday

    Current news events and political issues were examined through reviews of the morning newspapers; interviews with journalists, newsmakers and legislators; and viewer telephone calls, faxes…

  • Jimmy Dolittle Award
    Last Aired

    Jimmy Dolittle Award

    Mr. Augustine received the annual Jimmy Dolittle Award, named after the former Air Force general. The award is presented to persons for contributions to national defense through scientific…

  • Intelligence Gathering By Civilians
    Last Aired

    Intelligence Gathering By Civilians

    Witnesses testified about whether clergy members and journalists should ever be exempt from being CIA informers because of safety concerns.

  • AntiTerrorism Policy
    Last Aired

    Anti-Terrorism Policy

    The council examined the nature and sources of terrorist threats and actions against Americans. They discussed various methods of combating terrorism and the advantages and disadvantages of…

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