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  • Apollo 11 Commemoration
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    Apollo 11 Commemoration

    The first American in space and Apollo 14 Astronaut Alan Shepard shared his insights on the history of the space program and its future. The ceremony commemorated the 25th anniversary of…

  • Winston Churchills Role in World War II
    Last Aired

    Winston Churchill's Role in World War II

    Winston Churchill III spoke about his grandfather’s role in World War II. He praised him for uniting the British people and lifting their spirits as they stood alone against Hitler during 1940…

  • UN Womens Conference One Year Later
    Last Aired

    U.N. Women's Conference: One Year Later

    A national teleconference on women, girls and their well-being was held to explore what progress had been made in the year since the United Nations Conference on Women in Beijing. The first lady…

  • World as I See it Today
    Last Aired

    World as I See it Today

    President Ford outlined his perspectives on a variety of foreign and domestic issues, including the troubles of the post-Cold War period and the near future of the U.S. economy.

  • Entitlement and Tax Reform
    Last Aired

    Entitlement and Tax Reform

    This was the last hearing of the Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement. The goal of the commission was to recommend ways to help control entitlement spending. Some approaches include cutting…

  • Former President Perspective
    Last Aired

    Former President Perspective

    President Bush spoke about his family life after leaving the White House and his perspectives on the current and future of international relations and the U.S. role in this volatile…

  • Higher Education Issues
    Last Aired

    Higher Education Issues

    Members of the association met to discuss the future of their organization during their annual meeting. During the meeting members discussed the role of government in higher education…

  • Republican National Convention
    Last Aired

    Republican National Convention

    Fmr. Gov. Kean responded to questions on his impressions of the second day of the 1992 Republican National Convention via the telephone from Houston, Texas. Telephone callers commented on…

  • Republican Politics
    Last Aired

    Republican Politics

    Former New Jersey Gov. Thomas Kean discussed his impressions of the second evening of the Republican National Convention. Technical difficulties resulted in an abrupt ending to the program.

  • Republican Politics
    Last Aired

    Republican Politics

    Mr. Kean discussed his role as a keynote speaker at the 1988 Republican National Convention. He also talked about his current position in Republican politics. The program was interupted by…

  • Republican Party Strategy
    Last Aired

    Republican Party Strategy

    Mr. Kean discussed how the Republican Party should prepare its candidates for the 1992 election. He also spoke about the platform and the role it plays for the party.

  • Policy Themes for the 1990s
    Last Aired

    Policy Themes for the 1990s

    The former governor of New Jersey, Thomas Kean, addressed an audience at the Heritage Foundation on domestic and foreign policies in the 1990's. He discussed policy initiatives for the near future,…