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  • Preventing Teen Pregnancy
    Last Aired

    Preventing Teen Pregnancy

    Ms. Fonda talked about her efforts to advise young people about the prevention of adolescent pregnancy. She talked about the problem of teenage pregnancy and describes how her organization…

  • The Internet The Peoples Media
    Last Aired

    The Internet: The People's Media

    Mr. Drudge discussed the Internet, dubbing it “the people’s media,” and talked about the ways in which news that is not reported in the mainstream media can be generated and reported on the…

  • National Press Club 90th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    National Press Club 90th Anniversary

    Senator Thurmond spoke at the National Press Club on its 90th anniversary. He reflected on the events of the past century and the importance of U.S. influence in the future. He also took…

  • McGrory Fourth Estate Award
    Last Aired

    McGrory Fourth Estate Award

    Journalists honored Ms. McGrory for her distinguished career in journalism. In accepting the National Press Club’s annual Fourth Estate Award she related several humorous experiences from…

  • Nike In the Global Economy
    Last Aired

    Nike In the Global Economy

    Mr. Knight talked about his company and its evolution from his selling running shoes out of the back of his car trunk to becoming a giant in the industry. He also touched on recent…

  • Baseball Whats It All About
    Last Aired

    Baseball: What's It All About?

    Mr. Palmer talked about his career in major league baseball and the aspects of the game he enjoyed the most. He pitched for the Baltimore Orioles his entire career and became involved in…

  • Daytona 500 Winner
    Last Aired

    Daytona 500 Winner

    Dale Earnhardt talked about his career in the NASCAR auto racing circuit and his recent win at the Daytona 500, considered the premier event in NASCAR racing. Mr. Earnhardt had never won…

  • Folk Singer Perspective
    Last Aired

    Folk Singer Perspective

    Mr. Seeger talked about the need for small organizations of committed people to meet the challenges of the next century. He provided several anecdotal examples of the benefits of small…

  • Art Stolen in World War II
    Last Aired

    Art Stolen in World War II

    Director de Montabella discussed the issue of works of art confiscated by the Nazis during World War II. He described the task force he chairs that was formed this year by the Association…

  • Avoiding the Year 2000 Computer Problem
    Last Aired

    Avoiding the Year 2000 Computer Problem

    Senator Bennett talked about the possibility that the year 2000 will bring about a computer software failure that could have a devastating impact on the economies and industries of nations…

  • National Security Act and the Constitution
    Last Aired

    National Security Act and the Constitution

    Mr. Vidal spoke about how the National Security Act and U.S. policy in the early stages of the Cold War has shaped U.S. history over the past fifty years. He stressed that decisions, such…

  • NAACP Issues
    Last Aired

    NAACP Issues

    Mr. Bond discussed the history of racism in the United States and his role as the chairman of the NAACP. He talked about the problems minorities are facing in today’s world and his…

  • Human Rights and Wrongs
    Last Aired

    Human Rights and Wrongs

    Ms. Ogata talked about human rights abuses all over the world and what the United Nations and the United States can do to alleviate the problems. Following her remarks, Ms. Ogata answered…

  • Secretary of State News Conference
    Last Aired

    Secretary of State News Conference

    Secretary Albright talked about the Middle East peace process. She is scheduled to meet with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Secretary Albright talked about her hopes for the…

  • Irish Peace Agreement
    Last Aired

    Irish Peace Agreement

    Former Senator Mitchell talked about the peace agreement in Northern Ireland. He chaired the talks and outlined what the agreement means to Northern Ireland, Europe and the world. Following…

  • Medical Issues
    Last Aired

    Medical Issues

    General Satcher talked about the history of the office of Surgeon General, his priorities for the post and current issues he is handling, such as the proposed needle exchange program.…

  • AIDS Awareness
    Last Aired

    AIDS Awareness

    Ms. Shindle talked about the importance of education and awareness of AIDS. She said there is a great need in individual communities and schools for AIDS education and there is a danger of…

  • Transportation Issues
    Last Aired

    Transportation Issues

    Secretary Slater talked about various transportation issues before Congress and initiatives he and the Clinton administration advocate. He talked about the infrastructure of the United…

  • Public Works Needs in America
    Last Aired

    Public Works Needs in America

    Mayor Rendell talked about funding for transportation and infrastructure and their importance to urban areas in his city of Philadelphia and across the nation. Mayor Rendell is in his final…

  • Tobacco Settlement Pullout
    Last Aired

    Tobacco Settlement Pullout

    Mr. Goldstone spoke about the tobacco industry perspective on proposed congressional tobacco legislation. He said that after the changes made to the settlement reached with the attorneys…

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