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  • Forum Examines Relations Between Lawmakers and the Press
    Last Aired

    Government Officials and the Press

    Reporters, congressional staffers, and scholars assessed the current relationship between government officials and the press. Topics included press access to lawmakers, the role of press…

  • Newsmakers Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz

    Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), chair of the Democratic National Committee, talked about the 2016 presidential campaign as Republican presidential hopefuls met in New Hampshire at the…

  • Washington Journal Kathy Kiely on Lobbying Restrictions
    Last Aired

    Effectiveness of Lobbying Restrictions

    Kathy Kiely talked about the effectiveness of existing lobbying restrictions on former members of Congress. Topics included how some have been able to get around these restrictions, and efforts to slow…

  • Campaign 2012 Funds and Super PACs
    Last Aired

    Campaign 2012 Funds and Super PACs

    Kathy Kiely talked about the role money played in the 2012 election, the first national campaign of the post-Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court decision. Topics included the…

  • Cell Phone Political Contributions
    Last Aired

    Cell Phone Political Contributions

    Kathy Kiely talked by phone about the implications of political campaigns accepting contributions via cell phones. Democratic and Republican political collectors asked the Federal Election…

  • Campaign 2012
    Last Aired

    Campaign 2012

    Kathy Kiely talked about the battleground and early-primary states as well as the ground game for Republican candidates and President Obama in the 2012 election. She also responded to…

  • Newsmakers with Representative Kevin McCarthy
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Representative Kevin McCarthy

    Representative Kevin McCarthy talked about Republican strategy for winning more House seats in the 2010 campaign year and possibly becoming the majority party. Topics included possible…

  • House and Senate Leadership
    Last Aired

    House and Senate Leadership

    Kathy Kiely and Richard Cohen talked about Democratic and Republican leaders in the House and Senate leaders and the congressional agenda for the week, focusing on health care. They responded to…

  • Health Care Town Hall Meetings
    Last Aired

    Health Care Town Hall Meetings

    Kathy Kiely talked about health care town hall meetings. Ms. Kiely, who has been covering the town halls for USA Today, recently attended one in Mississippi held by Representative Gene…

  • Senator Obamas Move to Political Center
    Last Aired

    Senator Obama's Move to Political Center

    Kathy Kiely talked about the latest on Senator Obama’s presidential campaign, including her article in Thursday’s USA Today on how some recent comments by Senator Obama on gun control,…

  • After Words with Rod Paige
    Last Aired

    After Words with Rod Paige

    Former Secretary of Education Rod Paige talked about his book The War Against Hope: How Teachers' Unions Hurt Children, Hinder Teachers, and Endanger Public Education, published by Thomas Nelson.…

  • Immigration Policy
    Last Aired

    Immigration Policy

    Journalists spoke to students about immigration reform and media coverage of immigration issues. They also answered questions from the students.

  • US Policy Toward Iraq
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Iraq

    Senator Jack Reed, a member of the Armed Services Committee, was interviewed about the amendments on Iraq war policy that currently are being debating by the Senate during its two-week…

  • Opening Day of 110th Congress
    Last Aired

    Opening Day of 110th Congress

    Studio guests talked about the events of the opening day of the 110th Congress and the legislative agenda and responded to telephone calls from viewers. Rep. Miller was interviewed in the…

  • 2006 Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    2006 Midterm Elections

    Ms. Kiely talked about future Republican control of the House after the elections in November. She also talked about the likely impact of Representative Mark Foley’s resignation following…

  • Campaign 2006
    Last Aired

    Campaign 2006

    An in-depth look at Campaign 2006. Discussion will include major House & Senate races, party control in the House and Senate this November, the latest poll numbers, voter perceptions, as…

  • Immigration Issues
    Last Aired

    Immigration Issues

    The panelists discussed the current immigration debate with an audience of high school students from around the country. Topics included changes in U.S. immigration over time and the…

  • Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    Midterm Elections

    Representative Reynolds was interviewed about upcoming mid-term elections. He is the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. After the congressman left, the reporters…

  • Alito Confirmation Hearing
    Last Aired

    Alito Confirmation Hearing

    Kathy Kiely talked about the confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. She also spoke about elections in the House of Representatives for Republican…

  • Supreme Court Watch
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Watch

    Participating by telephone, Ms. Kiely spoke about the status of the U.S. Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers U.S. Supreme in the Senate. She discussed the courtesy calls and how it…

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