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  • In Depth with Dave Barry
    Last Aired

    In Depth with Dave Barry

    Dave Barry talked about his life and career and responded to viewer comments and questions. Mr. Barry is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and columnist, who wrote a nationally syndicated…

  • Authors Discuss Life and Politics in Florida
    Last Aired

    Panel Discussion on Life and Politics in Florida

    Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry talked about life and politics in Florida. They spoke at the 2017 Rancho Mirage Writers Festival in Rancho Mirage, California.

  • Dave Barry Discusses emBest State Everem
    Last Aired

    Best. State. Ever.

    Dave Barry talked about his book Best. State. Ever.: A Florida Man Defends His Homeland, in which he reflects on the social and political landscape of his home state. He spoke at the 33rd…

  • Panel Discussion on Favorite Books and Reading Habits
    Last Aired

    Panel Discussion on Favorite Books and Reading Habits

    Pamela Paul, Dave Barry, Terry McMillan, Jay McInerny, and Maria Semple talked about their favorite books and their reading habits. “By the Book” was a panel at the 33rd annual Miami Book…

  • Panel Discussion with Dave Barry Roy Blount Jr and Brad Meltzer
    Last Aired

    Panel Discussion with Dave Barry, Roy Blount, Jr., and Brad Meltzer

    Dave Barry, author of Insane City, Roy Blount, Jr., author of Alphabetter Juice: or, The Joy of Text, and Brad Meltzer, author of History Decoded: The 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time,…

  • 2013 Miami Book Fair International Saturday
    Last Aired

    2013 Miami Book Fair International, Saturday

    Book TV was live at the Miami Book Fair International, held on the campus of Miami Dade College on November 23-24, 2013.

  • Panel on Humor
    Last Aired

    Panel on Humor

    Author Dave Barry talked about his book, Lunatics: A Novel, and authors Seth Reiss and Will Tracy talked about their book, The Onion Book of Known Knowledge. In Lunatics: A Novel, two New…

  • Dave Barry and Frank McCourt
    Last Aired

    Dave Barry and Frank McCourt

    Dave Barry is the author of thirty books and was a syndicated humor columnist for twenty-five years. His latest book, Dave Barry’s History of the Millennium (So Far), is a collection of reviews…

  • Art Buchwald Memorial Service
    Last Aired

    Art Buchwald Memorial Service

    A memorial service was held for humorist Art Buchwald. Media luminaries, dignitaries, family and friends eulogized Buchwald with warm and funny stories about his wit, love, generosity, and…

  • emTricky Businessem and emReversible Errorsem
    Last Aired

    Tricky Business and Reversible Errors

    Mr. Barry and Mr. Turow talked about their respective novels. Following their prepared remarks, they responded to questions from the audience. Mr. Barry is the author of Tricky Business,…

  • Author Discussion
    Last Aired

    Author Discussion

    Mr. Barry talked about his book, Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway. Mr. Toobin talked about his book, Too Close to Call. They answered questions from members of the audience.

  • Rewind 99
    Last Aired

    Rewind '99

    On the “Michael Putney Perspective” show, columnist-authors Barry and Hiaasen discussed the Miami news stories of 1999, including Y2K computer problems and political corruption. Footage of…

  • Humorous Looks at Life
    Last Aired

    Humorous Looks at Life

    Mr. Barry talked about his book, Dave Barry Turns 50, published by Crown Publishing. The book is about the humor Mr. Barry finds in getting old. Mr. Weingarten talked about his book, The…

  • Florida Year in Review
    Last Aired

    Florida Year in Review

    Mr. Barry and Mr. Hiassen discussed the humor in events from 1997.

  • Humorist Perspective
    Last Aired

    Humorist Perspective

    Mr. Barry offered humorous remarks on relationships and events in the news. He talked about the White House fund-raising tapes, his fictitious presidential campaign (including White House…

  • 1994 Year in Review
    Last Aired

    1994 Year in Review

    Guests talked about their humorous perspectives on local and national issues, such as the Florida gubernatorial race and the national elections and the new Congress.

  • American Political Humor
    Last Aired

    American Political Humor

    Syndicated columnist, humorist and author Dave Barry spoke to a luncheon audience on various issues in American politics, including his experiences in the recent Florida hurricane, the…

  • National Press Foundation Awards Dinner
    Last Aired

    National Press Foundation Awards Dinner

    At the Foundation’s 7th Annual Awards dinner, the following journalists were honored for their contributions to the field. As Editor of the Year, Janet Chusmir, executive editor of the Miami…

  • Salute to Congress Dinner
    Last Aired

    Salute to Congress Dinner

    The theme of the Washington Press Club Foundation’s 47th annual Congressional Dinner was “The 102nd Congress: Welcome to the Big Leagues.” Several freshman members of Congress were invited to share…

  • Humorous Look at Journalism
    Last Aired

    Humorous Look at Journalism

    Pulitzer Prize winner and Miami Herald columnist David Barry gave a humorous address to the National Press Club. Mr. Barry shared anecdotes about his life as a reporter.

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