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  • Remote Operated Vehicle Technology
    Last Aired

    Remote Operated Vehicle Technology

    Participants at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International convention talked about the various uses of remote operated technology, including in Japan following its tsunami and…

  • RussiaGeorgia Conflict One Year Later
    Last Aired

    Russia-Georgia Conflict One Year Later

    The Ambassador of Georgia to the United States, H.E. Batu Kutelia, talked about conditions in Georgia one year after the Russian invasion. Among the topics he addressed were relations…

  • Protests in Iran
    Last Aired

    Protests in Iran

    Iran’s former crown prince, Reza Pahlavi, an advocate of a campaign for civil disobedience against the clerical regime, spoke about recent events and protests in Iran. He advocated a…

  • emOn the Road to Democracy  The Czech Republicem
    Last Aired

    On the Road to Democracy: The Czech Republic

    The President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, talked about relations between the U.S. and Czech Republic, his meeting with President Bush, and democratic movements in Eastern Europe…

  • Future of NATO
    Last Aired

    Future of NATO

    European leaders spoke to reporters about the latest NATO expansion, challenges facing the new members, and efforts to combat global terrorism. Following their remarks they answered…

  • Political Turmoil in Pakistan
    Last Aired

    Political Turmoil in Pakistan

    Sheikh Akram, as a representative of Pakistan’s chief justice, talked about the political crisis in his country. He opposed General Musharraf’s continuation as president of the country as chief…

  • Conflict and Violence in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Conflict and Violence in Iraq

    Mr. Allawi spoke to reporters and answered questions about the occupation of Iraq, efforts to foster a secure environment in Iraq, and Iraqi perceptions of the U.S. role in the country. Mr. Allawi is…

  • Indonesian Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Indonesian Foreign Policy

    Indonesian Ambassador Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat talked about Indonesia’s role as the world’s largest Muslim nation in efforts to combat international terrorism and its policies toward…

  • Mexican Political Outlook
    Last Aired

    Mexican Political Outlook

    Arturo Sarukhan, international affairs coordinator and spokesman for the Mexican Partido Accion Nacional (PAN) presidential candidate, Felipe Calderon, talked about the Mexican presidential…

  • North Korean Political Prisoners Experiences
    Last Aired

    North Korean Political Prisoners' Experiences

    North Korean defectors talked about defecting to the U.S. and their lives as dissidents and eventual political prisoners in North Korea.

  • USIndia Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-India Relations

    Ambassador Sen talked about strengthening the India-U.S. partnership. He talked about President Bush’s upcoming visit to India and what he might expect to see there. Topics included…

  • The Current Situation in Iraq
    Last Aired

    The Current Situation in Iraq

    Mr. Barzani, president of the Iraqi Regional Government of Kurdistan, spoke at the National Press Club about the situation in Iraq. He discussed the Iraqi constitution and the efforts to combat…

  • Israels Disengagement from Gaza
    Last Aired

    Israel's Disengagement from Gaza

    Ambassador Ayalon spoke to reporters Israeli disengagement from Gaza and plans to remove settlements for areas of Palestinian control in Gaza. Among the issues he addressed were the reasons…

  • Womens Rights and the New Iraqi Constitution
    Last Aired

    Women\'s Rights and the New Iraqi Constitution

    The National Press Club hosted a panel discussion on “Opposition to Language in Iraq’s Draft Constitution that would make Islam the Sole Source for Iraqi Law.” Members of the panel also talked about…

  • The New European Constitution
    Last Aired

    The New European Constitution

    Mark Hendrick, member of the British Parliament and its European Scrutiny Select Committee, will talk about the new European constitution. He first covered the history of the European…

  • Future of US Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Future of U.S. Foreign Policy

    Mr. Hart and others talked about his book The Fourth Power and the future of national security policy with renewed interest in terrorist threats. Among the topics they addressed were…

  • World Refugee Survey
    Last Aired

    World Refugee Survey

    Various officials from the U.S. Committee for Refugees talked about the 43rd annual World Refugee Survey. They criticized the international community for “warehousing” approximately seven…

  • USLiberia Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Liberia Relations

    Chairman Bryant talked about efforts to rebuild Liberia following the resignation of President Taylor and about relations with the U.S. Among the issues he addressed were the state of the…

  • Transition of Power in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Transition of Power in Iraq

    Mr. Pachachi talked about efforts to form a new Iraqi government and the process of transferring power and sovereignty. He talked about the process of caucuses and elections, the role of…

  • Report on NAFTA
    Last Aired

    Report on NAFTA

    Ms. Polaski and Ms. Meissner spoke to reporters about a report on the Impact of NAFTA on the U.S. economy. Among the topics they addressed were employment and income levels in the U.S.,…

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