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  • Congressional Gold Medal Awards
    Last Aired

    Congressional Gold Medal Awards

    Former President and Mrs. Ford were presented with the Congressional Gold Medal Award for their service to the nation. Former President Ford was honored for healing the nation after President…

  • emLights Outem
    Last Aired

    Lights Out

    Spencer Abraham talked about his book Lights Out: Ten Myths About (and Real Solutions to) America’s Energy Crisis (St. Martin’s Press). In his book, the former secretary of energy debunks…

  • Spencer Abraham Remarks on Energy Policy
    Last Aired

    Spencer Abraham Remarks on Energy Policy

    Former Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham talked about the challenges and threats to energy supply in the U.S. In his remarks he talked about the safety of nuclear energy and the difficulty…

  • Federalist Society Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Federalist Society Anniversary

    Marking the 25th anniversary of the Federalist Society, three U.S. Supreme Court Justices and other dignitaries congratulated the Society, described its history, and praised its founders. The…

  • US Energy Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Energy Policy

    Secretary Abraham responded to reporters' questions about U.S. energy policy. Among the specific topics addressed were energy legislation, oil prices, the strategic petroleum reserve, and…

  • Tribute to Senator Thurmond
    Last Aired

    Tribute to Senator Thurmond

    Republican and Democratic Senators paid tribute to Senator Thurmond to his 41 years and 10 months of service, which breaks the record of Carl Hayden from Arizona. They talked about their…

  • Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony
    Last Aired

    Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony

    Congress honored Rosa Parks for her courage when she defied authority by refusing to relinquish her seat on a bus to a white man in 1955 and her advocacy of civil rights since then. Ms. Parks…

  • Salute to Senator Jesse Helms
    Last Aired

    Salute to Senator Jesse Helms

    Family and friends, including members of Congress and prominent conservatives, came together to celebrate the publication of former Senator Jesse Helms' book Here’s Where I Stand: A Memoir,…

  • Economic Forum WrapUp Session
    Last Aired

    Economic Forum Wrap-Up Session

    Following meetings of eight separate panels at an economic forum sponsored by the White House, participants talked about their panel discussions on various aspects of the state of the…

  • Judicial Nomination Process
    Last Aired

    Judicial Nomination Process

    Secretary Abraham spoke about his relationship with Senator Frist and the role of the Senate in shaping the federal judiciary. Senator Frist spoke about Republican efforts to promote tort reform as…

  • Energy Facility Security
    Last Aired

    Energy Facility Security

    Secretary Abraham talked about Energy Department security initiatives and his vision for the future of Energy Department security. Among the specific topics addressed were the creation of…

  • Department of Energy Budget
    Last Aired

    Department of Energy Budget

    Secretary Abraham testified about funding requests for the Energy Department. He also talked about gasoline prices, energy consumption issues, alternative energy sources, and the energy…

  • Northeast Power Outage
    Last Aired

    Northeast Power Outage

    The officials talked about the causes of the August power outage that effected large parts of the eastern United States and Canada. They said that a number of factors, including human…

  • Energy Department Science Programs
    Last Aired

    Energy Department Science Programs

    Secretary Abraham spoke about the role of science in the Department of Energy. Among the topics he addressed were research programs at government laboratories, facilities available for…

  • Northeast Power Outages Day 1
    Last Aired

    Northeast Power Outages, Day 1

    Secretary Abraham testified about an August 14 power blackout in the Northeast U.S. and Canada, investigations into the power outages, and potential steps to avoid such accidents in the…

  • Northeastern Electricity Failures
    Last Aired

    Northeastern Electricity Failures

    Secretary Abraham and others talked to reporters about the status on an investigation into recent power outages across the Northeast and about the duties of a joint task force with Canada…

  • USCanada Joint Task Force Briefing
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Canada Joint Task Force Briefing

    Secretary Abraham and Minister Dhaliwal spoke to reporters about their meeting on the joint investigation into the Northeast power outage. They talked about the progress made in the…

  • Northeastern Electricity Failures
    Last Aired

    Northeastern Electricity Failures

    Secretary Abraham talked about the joint task force established by President Bush and Prime Minister Chretien to investigate the electricity grid failure that spread through eastern Canada…

  • Northeastern Electricity Failures
    Last Aired

    Northeastern Electricity Failures

    Following an appearance on NBC television, Secretary Abraham responded to questions from reporters. Among the topics addressed were the investigation into the northeast power outages, and…

  • Northeastern Electricity Failures
    Last Aired

    Northeastern Electricity Failures

    The officials talked about the recent power outages in the northeast. They praised the responsiveness of public officials, emergency response teams, and citizens. They promised a full…

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