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  • Microsoft Antitrust Ruling Reaction
    Last Aired

    Microsoft Antitrust Ruling Reaction

    Senior Microsoft executives talked to reporters about the federal ruling against the corporation. A federal judge ruled that the corporation violated the Sherman Antitrust Act and used its…

  • Closing the Digital Divide
    Last Aired

    Closing the Digital Divide

    Panelists talked about increasing access to computer technology both domestically and in developing nations. They concentrated on the areas of technology, health and education, saying that…

  • Laying the Foundation for Global Health
    Last Aired

    Laying the Foundation for Global Health

    World business and political leaders discussed the process of globalization. They tried to find solutions to problems in areas of health, agriculture, and poverty around the world. Specific…

  • High Technology Impact on the US Economy
    Last Aired

    High Technology Impact on the U.S. Economy

    Witnesses testified about how computers and the Internet affected the U.S. economy and how it had changed education. They also addressed the issues of intellectual property, security…

  • emBusiness  the Speed of Thoughtem
    Last Aired

    Business @ the Speed of Thought

    Mr. Gates talked about his book, Business @ the Speed of Thought: Using a Digital Nervous System, published by Warner Books. The book offers a 12-step program for companies wanting to do…

  • Innovational Opportunity in the Digital Age
    Last Aired

    Innovational Opportunity in the Digital Age

    Mr. Gates talked about business opportunities in the digital age. He also described the technological advances in computers that he believes will occur in the future and the effect this…

  • Future of Technology
    Last Aired

    Future of Technology

    Bill Gates talked with students about the impact of computers and the Internet on our future lives. He discussed the world wide web as the world’s largest market place and the development…

  • Policy Issues Facing the Software Industry
    Last Aired

    Policy Issues Facing the Software Industry

    Computer industry executives met to talk about copyright protection, electronic commerce, encryption and industry competitiveness. The group also recognized Rep. Goodlatte for his work with…

  • Microsoft AntiTrust Negotiations
    Last Aired

    Microsoft Anti-Trust Negotiations

    Mr. Gates reacted to the antitrust suit filed against Microsoft by the Department of Justice. He said the charges of a monopoly concerning the Internet server were “outrageous” and that he…

  • Cable TV 50 Years and Growing
    Last Aired

    Cable TV: 50 Years and Growing

    Mr. Greenfield and Mr. Gates talked about the history of cable television and the future of the industry. Mr. Gates talked about the innovations in cable television and the potential of…

  • Computer Industry Competition
    Last Aired

    Computer Industry Competition

    Committee members heard testimony from several computer industry leaders on the changing nature of competition in the industry. Witnesses testified about how Microsoft’s position as the dominant…

  • Business Strategies for the 21st Century
    Last Aired

    Business Strategies for the 21st Century

    Panelists discussed how technological changes will possibly change business practices and priorities. They examined issues such as competitor monitoring, the declining cost of customer…

  • Plenary Session
    Last Aired

    Plenary Session

    The National Governors' Association concluded their annual conference by hearing from Mr. Alexander and Mr. Gates. Mr. Alexander talked about education and posed the question of how the…

  • Technology and Society
    Last Aired

    Technology and Society

    Mr. Gates talked about the influence of technology on society and business and described the experience of starting his company. He compared computers to the printing press and the…

  • Software Industry Role in US Economy
    Last Aired

    Software Industry Role in U.S. Economy

    Several computer industry leaders held a news conference to stress the importance of the software industry to overall economic growth. Gates, Bartz, Schmidt and Grove briefed reporters on…

  • New Digital Economy
    Last Aired

    New Digital Economy

    The panelists talked about the role of technology in today’s world, including future techology, interactive media and the recent Telecommunications Bill.

  • Technology in Education
    Last Aired

    Technology in Education

    Deputy Secretary Kunin spoke about how techonology can be utilized in education. She emphasized the need for partnership between the information industry and the educational system to…

  • Future of Computing
    Last Aired

    Future of Computing

    Mr. Gates talked about computers and the future of the U.S. and about his new book, The Road Ahead. He talked about the Internet and showed a musical video on the state of electronic…

  • Future of Communications Technology
    Last Aired

    Future of Communications Technology

    The panelists discussed the role of technology in the development of the communications industry, focusing on the roles of the computer industry, the role of computer networks in the…

  • Future of Communications Technology
    Last Aired

    Future of Communications Technology

    Bill Gates delivered the keynote address for this portion of the conference, discussing the development of new applications for new communications technology. The program featured…

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