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  • Armed Pilots Program
    Last Aired

    Armed Pilots Program

    In a news conference held at Reagan National Airport, the participants talked about the new regulation allowing airline pilots to carry firearms. After their remarks they answered…

  • Reaction to Bancroft Winner emArming Americaem
    Last Aired

    Reaction to Bancroft Winner Arming America

    A panel discussion in response to Michael Bellesile’s winning of the Bancroft Prize for his book Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture, published by Knopf. Mr. Cramer, author of…

  • emMore Guns Less Crimeem
    Last Aired

    More Guns, Less Crime

    Mr. Lott talked about his book More Guns, Less Crime, published by the University of Chicago Press. The book presents research that the author believes shows a strong link between the…

  • Armed Informed Mothers March
    Last Aired

    Armed Informed Mothers March

    Participants gathered to promote second amendment rights. Among the issues addressed were current gun legislation, violent crime facts, gun safety awareness. At various points in the rally…

  • Guns Crime and Safety
    Last Aired

    Guns, Crime and Safety

    Participants examined two essays related to gun control and violence. The first essay focused on safe storage laws for guns and the reduction of accidental deaths. They stressed that safe…

  • Effects of Campaign Contribution Limits
    Last Aired

    Effects of Campaign Contribution Limits

    Participants discussed campaign finance reform. They claimed that although the original 1974 law had accomplished much to combat political corruption, decisions since then, including the…