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  • Panel Discussion on Government Surveillance and Privacy
    Last Aired

    Panel Discussion on Government Surveillance and Privacy

    Panelists talked about government surveillance and privacy. Panelists included Heidi Boghosian, author of Spying on Democracy: Government Surveillance, Corporate Power and Public Resistance and John…

  • Vietnam 1963
    Last Aired

    Vietnam 1963

    Four Vietnam War historians talked about the events of 1963, a year many consider pivotal to the conflict. They discussed the political atmosphere in South Vietnam, the country’s changing relationship…

  • Understanding Richard Nixons Vietnam Policy
    Last Aired

    Understanding Richard Nixon's Vietnam Policy

    A panel discussion on President Richard Nixon focused on his policy toward Vietnam. Topics included the partnership between Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, the president’s approach as commander-in-chief, the Pentagon…

  • Government Secrets
    Last Aired

    Government Secrets

    A panel discussion was held on how a democracy balances the public’s right to know against the need for preserving national security. Historians from the State Department and National Security Archive participated in…

  • President Nixon and the Paris Peace Accords
    Last Aired

    President Nixon and the Paris Peace Accords

    Critics of the Vietnam War have argued that President Richard Nixon unnecessarily prolonged the conflict while others countered that he acted correctly. Panelists discussed new perspectives on the…

  • emSafe for Democracyem
    Last Aired

    Safe for Democracy

    John Prados talked about his book, Safe for Democracy: The Secret Wars of the CIA, published by Ivan R. Dee. He talked about the CIA’s covert operations since WWII and assessed whether those…

  • Iraq War Author Panel
    Last Aired

    Iraq War Author Panel

    Authors of books about the Iraq war talked about their work and answered questions from members of Congress. Aaron Glantz wrote How America Lost Iraq. James Bamford wrote A Pretext for War. David…

  • emHoodwinkedem
    Last Aired


    Mr. Prados talked about his book, Hoodwinked: The Documents That Reveal How Bush Sold Us a War, published by New Press. In the book, the author examines President Bush’s case for the war in Iraq,…

  • CIA Directors  Working Under Fire
    Last Aired

    CIA Directors: Working Under Fire

    Judge Webster, a former CIA and FBI director, led a panel discussion on the lives of former CIA chiefs William Colby and Richard Helms. Joining Judge Webster were John Prados and William Hood. Mr.…

  • Origin of the CIA
    Last Aired

    Origin of the CIA

    The panelists discussed the role of the Central Intelligence Agency during the period of 1947-1953. Topics included the role of the agency in developing estimates and analysis for…

  • emAmerican Tragedyem
    Last Aired

    American Tragedy

    Mr. Kaiser talked about his book American Tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson, and the Origins of the Vietnam War, published by Harvard University Press. The book examines the short- and long-term causes…

  • National Security Council
    Last Aired

    National Security Council

    Mr. Prados, the author of Keepers of the Keys, talked about the purpose and operations of the National Security Council and took viewer calls. The National Security Council is celebrating…