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  • Financing Oil Projects in Poor Nations
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    Financing Oil Projects in Poor Nations

    Environmentalists called for the World Bank to stop financing oil, gas, and mining projects in developing nations, claimed that these investments benefit mainly rich multi-national…

  • The Cuban Embargo
    Last Aired

    The Cuban Embargo

    Mr. Fontaine and Mr. Sorzano, two members of the National Security Council staff during the Reagan administration, debated the Clinton administration’s refugee policy and the United States'…

  • US Occupation of Haiti
    Last Aired

    U.S. Occupation of Haiti

    Mr. Solarz and Mr. Vasquez discussed whether the U.S. should initiate and lead an invasion of Haiti as a means of ousting the current military junta and restoring Jean-Bertrand Aristide as…

  • Perpetuating Poverty The World Bank and IMF
    Last Aired

    Perpetuating Poverty: The World Bank and IMF

    Mr. Bandow spoke about the detrimental effect World bank and International Monetary Fund loans have on developing countries. Other speakers including Mr. Roberts discussed the topic…