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  • Deportation Reprieve for Illegal Minors
    Last Aired

    Deportation Reprieve for Illegal Minors

    Angela Kelley and Jose Magana discussed the deportation reprieve going into effect this week and how it will affect illegal aliens. The deportation reprieve would give some illegal aliens…

  • State Immigration Laws
    Last Aired

    State Immigration Laws

    Panelists talked about some state laws enacted to address immigration problems. They spoke about the results of current research into the effects of recent state immigration laws in…

  • Arizona Immigration Law
    Last Aired

    Arizona Immigration Law

    The mayors of Phoenix and New Haven, Connecticut, and Arlington County Virginia Board Member Walter Tejada discussed the impact of laws similar to Arizona’s new immigration law would have…

  • Immigration and the Economy
    Last Aired

    Immigration and the Economy

    Panelists talked about a report on the effects of allowing illegal immigrants to gain legal status in the U.S. Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda summarized the contents of the report, Heather Boushey and…

  • Immigration and Conservative Political Strategy
    Last Aired

    Immigration and Conservative Political Strategy

    Panelists talked about the use of immigration as a political wedge issue, using a paper by Ruy Teixeira, “The Coming End of the Culture Wars,” as the starting point. In his remarks Mr.…