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  • Future US Military Involvement in Iraq
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    Future U.S. Military Involvement in Iraq

    Lawrence Korb talked about future U.S. military involvement in Iraq and a report, “Strategic Redeployment 2.0: An Updated Progressive Strategy for Iraq” which called for reducing U.S.…

  • UN Intervention in Somalia
    Last Aired

    U.N. Intervention in Somalia

    Several African scholars and observers spoke in a discussion on the future of Somalia. Recently, the U.N. approved a unilateral military intervention in Somalia to ensure the distribution…

  • Media and the 1992 Presidential Election
    Last Aired

    Media and the 1992 Presidential Election

    Mr. Hess and Mr. Beckel discussed the 1992 presidential campaign and the media tactics used by the presidential candidates, including the use of talk shows by the candidates and the alleged…

  • Overview of 1992 Election Results
    Last Aired

    Overview of 1992 Election Results

    Rep. Weber and Mr. Rollins discussed the returns from the 1992 presidential and congressional elections, and the causes of Gov. Clinton’s presidential victory. Issues raised in the…

  • 1992 House Elections
    Last Aired

    1992 House Elections

    Mr. Meyers discussed the results from the elections for the House of Representatives from earlier in the week in a forum on the 1992 election. Following his prepared remarks, Mr. Meyers…