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  • emEnergy in the Executiveem
    Last Aired

    Energy in the Executive

    Terry Eastland discussed the main ideas of his book, Energy in the Executive: The Case for the Strong Presidency, published by The Free Press, which addressed the powers and ethics of the…

  • Significant Supreme Court Cases
    Last Aired

    Significant Supreme Court Cases

    Panelists discussed significant Supreme Court decisions and their impact on subsequent cases and policy. These cases include Griswold, Bowers v. Hartwick, and Roe v. Wade. Ms. Strossen…

  • Constitutional Interpretations
    Last Aired

    Constitutional Interpretations

    Legal scholars discussed how U.S. Supreme Court justices have interpreted the Constitution in major Supreme Court decisions, including the application of the Bill of Rights to the states…

  • Supreme Court Term Preview
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Term Preview

    The National Legal Center for the Public Interest held a forum to preview the 1992-93 docket of the Supreme Court. The briefing was scheduled for the media in an effort to provide…

  • Major Decisions of the Recent Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    Major Decisions of the Recent Supreme Court

    Attorneys and legal scholars discussed the recently completed term of the Supreme Court and examined many of the major decisions made by the Court during the term. The speakers also noted…

  • Lessons from the Confirmation Process
    Last Aired

    Lessons from the Confirmation Process

    A panel of journalists and legal experts discussed the confirmation process for appointees to the Supreme Court in a forum sponsored by the Harvard Club of Washington, DC. Earlier in the year,…

  • Civil Rights and the Law
    Last Aired

    Civil Rights and the Law

    Mr. Eastland talked about the rise of affirmative action and the use of quotas in employment practices. He also talked about the relevant laws and court decisions made during the Reagan…

  • A Critical View of Sunday Morning Talk Shows
    Last Aired

    A Critical View of Sunday Morning Talk Shows

    Mr. Perrin and Mr. Eastland, both media critics, discussed the influence of Sunday morning public affairs programs on American political thinking. They focused on the role of Sunday morning…

  • Blacks Women  Jews  the Constitution
    Last Aired

    Blacks, Women & Jews & the Constitution

    A panel discusses Robert Goldwin’s new book, Why Blacks, Women, and Jews Are Not Mentioned in the Constitution, and Other Unorthodox Views.

  • Supreme Court Review
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Review

    Cases discussed The reasons behind the Court’s delay in handing down a decision in Webster v. Reproductive Health Services are discussed along with predictions as to what the decision will…