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    Freedmen During Reconstruction

    Historians talked about what life was like for Freedmen after the Civil War and the overall successes and failures of Reconstruction. They spoke about educational opportunities, land…

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    Upbringings of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee

    Historian and author William Davis talked about the different upbringings of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee and how their childhoods impacted their later lives. Mr. Davis argues that Grant’s…

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    President Lincoln's Funeral 150th Anniversary

    American History TV presented live coverage from Springfield, Illinois, on the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s funeral. Coverage included a reenactment of the funeral procession…

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    Mathew Brady and Civil War Photography

    Robert Wilson, author of Mathew Brady: Portraits of a Nation, talked about Brady’s photography before the Civil War and and how it changed in the following years. He also talked about the…

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    Presidential Campaign of 1864

    Panelists talked about factors that had an impact on President Lincoln’s re-election campaign in 1864. They spoke about President Lincoln’s expansion of presidential war powers and his relationship…

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    Mary Todd Lincoln Reconsidered

    Frank Williams talked about Mary Todd Lincoln’s life and how historians have remembered her. Many historians disagree about Mary Todd Lincoln, some calling her corrupt and mentally…

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    Conduct of the Civil War in 1861

    Lincoln and Civil War scholars debated why the Civil War didn’t end in 1861, the year that it began. They discussed why the numerous advantages of the Union did not bring the war to a swift conclusion. Topics included…

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    150th Anniversary of President Lincoln's Grand Review

    The 150th anniversary of the November 20, 1861 “Grand Review” by President Lincoln of some 70,000 Union soldiers at Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia, was commemorated with a re-enactment on…

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    Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee

    Professor William Davis talked about Confederate President Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee, and the roles they assumed into and through the Civil War. He responded to questions from members of the…

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    President Abraham Lincoln and Leadership

    Mr. Perret talked about President Lincoln as a leader, and compared Lincoln to Ulysses S. Grant, Douglas MacArthur, and John F. Kennedy. Following prepared remarks, he responded to…

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    Could the Civil War Have Been Avoided?

    One hundred and fifty years after the outbreak of the Civil War, a panel of historians debated whether or not the war could have been avoided. They also responded to questions from members of the audience. Frank…

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    The New York Times and the Silent President-Elect

    On the 150th anniversary of the election of the 16th president, historian Harold Holzer spoke about President-Elect Abraham Lincoln’s strategic silence during what was known as “The Secession Winter.” From Election Day until…

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    Mr. Lincolns T-Mails

    Tom Wheeler talked about his book Mr. Lincoln’s T-Mails: The Untold Story of How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Win the Civil War, published by Collins. Mr. Wheeler, a leader in the telecommunications…

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    Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation

    Panelists discussed President Lincoln’s timing of the release of the Emancipation Proclamation. They focused on the legal grounding for the proclamation and what it accomplished. The panelists also responded to questions from…

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    Lincoln's Right Makes Might Speech

    A performance commemorated the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s “Right Makes Might” speech on the stage where it was originally delivered on February 27, 1860. In the speech, Lincoln…

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    Presidential Power in Wartime

    A discussion was held on the expansion of executive power during a time of war. President Lincoln’s successors have raised much more controversy than he did as they have sought to expand presidential…

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    Lincoln and the West

    James McPherson spoke about President Abraham Lincoln’s connection to the West and his opposition to the expansion of slavery. He responded to questions from members of the audience. “Lincoln and the…

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    Tell Me of Lincoln

    William Styple talked about his book Tell Me of Lincoln: Memories of Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and Life in Old New York (Belle Grove Publishing Company; October 1, 2009) and told stories of…

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    President Lincoln's Humor

    Richard Carwardine talked about the humor of President Abraham Lincoln. Topics included the political satire of the Civil War era. Then he responded to questions from members of the audience. Former Rhode Island Chief…

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    Lincoln's Avengers: Justice, Revenge, and Reunion after the Civil War

    Elizabeth Leonard talked about her book Lincoln’s Avengers: Justice, Revenge, and Reunion after the Civil War, published by W. W. Norton and Company. In the book she explored the role of Judge…

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