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  • Education Race and the Achievement Gap
    Last Aired

    Education, Race, and the Achievement Gap

    Panelists talked about education and how race affects Latino, African-American, and Asian students. Topics included unequal opportunity, college preparation, teacher quality, and customizing teaching…

  • The 14th Amendment and Race
    Last Aired

    The 14th Amendment and Race

    Civil rights scholars and leaders talked about the historical significance of the 14th Amendment and recent proposals to repeal it. They also responded to questions from the audience. This…

  • Race and Justice
    Last Aired

    Race and Justice

    Two legal experts talked about race and the justice system. Paul Butler argued that the criminal justice system is inherently flawed and punishes African-Americans and Latinos…

  • Governmental Role in Integration
    Last Aired

    Governmental Role in Integration

    Policymakers, civil rights advocates and scholars spoke about racially and economically integrated K-12 public schools. They focused on incentives in current and proposed federal policies,…

  • Emancipation Proclamation as a Legal Document
    Last Aired

    Emancipation Proclamation as a Legal Document

    A panel discussion was held on the Emancipation Proclamation as a legal document. Frank Williams talked about the legal background of President Lincoln in the years before he was elected to the presidency. Kurt Schmoke…

  • Black History and Abraham Lincoln
    Last Aired

    Black History and Abraham Lincoln

    Professor Franklin talked about his 50-year career teaching about Lincoln and African American history. He spoke about stripping away the baggage and sentiment surrounding Lincoln and finding the man. He…

  • emBrown v Board of Educationem Morning Session
    Last Aired

    Brown v. Board of Education, Morning Session

    Participants talked about the legacy of the decision in Brown v. Board of Education on the 50th anniversary of the landmark case. Among the topics they addressed were the state of race…

  • Alito Supreme Court Nomination
    Last Aired

    Alito Supreme Court Nomination

    During the scholar’s forum “Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr.: An African-American Perspective,” a panel overview was held on the record of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. The panelists…

  • Million Man March
    Last Aired

    Million Man March

    Coverage of the Million Man March included open phones segments, live crowd shots, interviews with rally participants on the Mall, and speeches by African-American men from all walks of…

  • Future of US Drug Policy
    Last Aired

    Future of U.S. Drug Policy

    The panelists discussed and debated the future of U.S. drug policy. The primary issue of contention was whether or not some illegal drugs should be legalized. Mr. Bennett and Rep. Rangel…

  • Affirmative Action Town Hall Meeting
    Last Aired

    Affirmative Action Town Hall Meeting

    Panelists talked about affirmative action, including the case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the University of Michigan’s affirmative action admissions policy. Following…

  • The Future of US Drug Policy
    Last Aired

    The Future of U.S. Drug Policy

    Participants talked about implementing effective drug policies. Among the issues they addressed were to what extent drug abuse should be treated as a public health problem or a criminal…

  • National Democratic Conversation
    Last Aired

    National Democratic Conversation

    Various officials welcomed guests to the convention and outlined an agenda for the convention and the Party. Mr. From talked about the new Democratic movement and the resurgence of…

  • Community Policing News Conference
    Last Aired

    Community Policing News Conference

    Following the event in the White House Rose Garden, police officials from around the country talked about the community policing initiative, the presidents efforts on behalf of law…

  • Lead Paint Poisoning Initiative
    Last Aired

    Lead Paint Poisoning Initiative

    Administration officials spoke about federal initiatives to protect children from lead poisoning in older housing. They stressed the importance of federal assistance in lead abatement…

  • LaborManagement Relations
    Last Aired

    Labor-Management Relations

    A forum was held on labor-management relations in the public sector. The members of the panel gave an individual presentation on the various topics that effect labor-management relations. Mayor…

  • Baltimores 311 NonEmergency Number
    Last Aired

    Baltimore's 311 Non-Emergency Number

    Baltimore officials discussed the purpose and function of the 311 non-emergency telephone number. They said an inordinate amount of “non-emergency” calls were coming in on 911 and…

  • National Association of Counties
    Last Aired

    National Association of Counties

    Secretary Cuomo, Mr. Donaldson and others addressed the National Association of Counties convention following speeches and an overview by officers of the NAC. Secretary Cuomo talked about the perceptions of the…

  • Welcoming Remarks
    Last Aired

    Welcoming Remarks

    Ambassador Richardson and others spoke at the opening ceremony of the 11th annual Korean American Student Conference.

  • Presidential Politics and the Media
    Last Aired

    Presidential Politics and the Media

    The panelists participated in a forum titled “Election '96 - The Picking of the President: Politics and the Media.” They criticized the lack of substance in the campaign and in the debates…

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