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    The Case Against the Supreme Court

    Erwin Chemerinsky talked about his book The Case Against the Supreme Court, in which he argues that while Supreme Court justices have a reputation for being objective, evidence shows that…

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    United States v. Apel Oral Argument

    The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument in United States v. Apel, docket number 12-1038, a case concerning an anti-war activist who was protesting on land owned by a military base. The…

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    Politics, Supreme Court, and the Constitution

    Legal scholars spoke about the current make up and operations of the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as its future direction. They also talked about the growing influence of conservative legal theory on the federal judiciary and…

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    Supreme Court Mistakes: Korematsu v. United States

    Dean Chemerinsky delivered his argument for including Korematsu v. United States in the “Hall of Shame” as one of the worst United States Supreme Court decisions. The 1944 decision concluded that…

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    The Living Constitution Panel

    A panel discussion was held about the U.S. Constitution and changes in its wording, interpretation, and implementation over the years. Topics included changes in the courts and the implications they…

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    The Conservative Assault on the Constitution

    Erwin Chemerinsky talked about his book The Conservative Assault on the Constitution (Simon & Schuster, 2010). He was interviewed on stage by Sam Kleiner and also responded to questions…

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    Supreme Court 2009-2010 Term Review

    Solicitor General Elena Kagan moderated a review of the 2009-2010 term of the U.S. Supreme Court. Among the topics addressed were the role of Justice Kennedy in forming majorities, Justice…

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    Supreme Court in 2020

    Legal scholars spoke about the future of the Supreme Court and potential issues for the court in 2020. Among teh topics they addressed were business and economic law, federalism, and social…

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    FCC v. Fox Television Moot Court

    The Bill of Rights Institute and William and Mary Law School hosted a moot court on the FCC v. Fox Television indecency case. The case rests on the FCC’s ban against the use of curse words…