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  • National Press Foundation Hosts Discussion on Presidential Transitions
    Last Aired

    Presidential Transitions, Panel 1

    A panel discussion was held with former White House advisers and transition staff members on the history of presidential transitions and challenges for the new administration. “Inside the Transition…

  • Historians Discuss First Ladies During Wartime
    Last Aired

    First Ladies During Wartime

    Historians examined the contributions of American first ladies during the nation’s wars. Speakers included William Seale, author of The President’s House and other books; history professor…

  • Former Chiefs of Staff Discuss the Office of the First Lady
    Last Aired

    First Ladies and Public Policy

    Three former chiefs of staff with the Office of the First Lady talked about their experiences in the White House. Part of their discussion focused on the next presidential spouse and his or…

  • Discussion on First Ladies and the Executive Mansion
    Last Aired

    First Ladies and the White House

    William Seale talked about the first ladies who have had the most impact on the executive mansion. The conversation was moderated by Susan Swain, C-SPAN co-president and editor of First…

  • Leadership of First Lady Laura Bush
    Last Aired

    Leadership of First Lady Laura Bush

    Researchers and former George W. Bush administration officials talked about the leadership of former First Lady Laura Bush. They discussed what she brought to the position and how she balanced the domestic role with one…

  • Discussion on Recent First Ladies
    Last Aired

    White House Perspectives on Recent First Ladies

    Former White House staff members talked about the roles of the first lady of the United States. They told stories of their experiences with various first ladies.*Topics included state dinners, administration…

  • Washington Journal Anita McBride and Karen Tumulty on the Role of Political Spouses
    Last Aired

    Role and Influence of Political Spouses

    Anita McBride and Karen Tumulty talked about the role of political spouses. They also discussed the spouses of current and potential 2016 presidential candidates,

  • First Ladies Series Review
    Last Aired

    First Ladies Series Review

    Edith Mayo, Anita McBride, and Richard Norton Smith looked back at the year-long C-SPAN series, “First Ladies: Influence and Image,” and responded to telephone calls and electronic…

  • Book Party for emFront Row Seatem
    Last Aired

    Book Party for Front Row Seat

    A publication party was held at the offices of Edelman for Eric Draper, chief White House photographer during George W. Bush’s administration. Mr. Draper talked to guests and gave a brief…

  • First Ladies Throughout History
    Last Aired

    First Ladies Throughout History

    Panelists talked about at the historical roles and responsibilities of the first lady as well as how those roles had evolved. They talked specifically about Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy and…

  • Republican National Convention Day Two Preview
    Last Aired

    Republican National Convention, Day Two Preview

    C-SPAN’s preview of the second day of the Republican National Convention included an overview of some of the main speakers, key issues at the convention, interviews with delegates and…

  • Role of First Ladies
    Last Aired

    Role of First Ladies

    Camille Johnston and Anita McBride talked about the role of first ladies in shaping public discourse. Topics included myths about female voting patterns, working mothers, and the female…

  • The Legacy and Influence of First Ladies
    Last Aired

    The Legacy and Influence of First Ladies

    The evolving influence and political power of first ladies was discussed by the director of the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers, the curator of the Smithsonian’s first ladies' exhibit, and the eldest…

  • Reagan Youth Conference
    Last Aired

    Reagan Youth Conference

    Participants spoke about the legacy of the Reagan presidency, President Reagan’s governing style, and the relations between his White House and the other branches of government. They also…

  • Conversation with Former First Lady Laura Bush
    Last Aired

    Conversation with Former First Lady Laura Bush

    Former first lady Laura Bush joined Archivist of the United States David Ferriero for an evening of conversation at the National Archives. Mrs. Bush spoke about her time in the White House,…

  • Anita McBride and Carl Anthony
    Last Aired

    Anita McBride and Carl Anthony

    Anita McBride spoke to college students about the role and responsibilities of the first lady.

  • Prime Minister Singh State Dinner Coverage
    Last Aired

    Prime Minister Singh State Dinner Coverage

    Coverage of the state dinner in honor of Prime Minister of Indian Manmohan Singh included a preview of the dinner, arrivals, and toasts. This was President Obama’s first White House state…

  • First Lady Campaign Tour
    Last Aired

    First Lady Campaign Tour

    First lady Laura Bush traveled to campaign events in Greece, New York; Hartford, Connecticut; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During he trip she spoke with advisors, Republican supporters at the…

  • White House FBI Files Part 1
    Last Aired

    White House FBI Files Part 1

    The committee heard testimony from current and former White House staff members about whether 400 FBI files of former White House employees were obtained illegally. Republicans charged that…