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  • Washington Journal Aparna Mathur and Isabel Sawhill Discuss Paid Family Leave
    Last Aired

    Aparna Mathur and Isabel Sawhill on Paid Family Leave

    The American Enterprise Institute’s Aparna Mathur and the Brooking Institution’s Isabel Sawhill talked about paid family leave proposals.

  • Sen Kirsten Gillibrand on Social Mobility
    Last Aired

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Social Mobility

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) talked about her five-part plan for social mobility. She spoke about policies such as paid family and medical leave, increasing the minimum wage, universal…

  • Poverty in the US
    Last Aired

    Poverty in the U.S

    Robert Rector and Isabel Sawhill talked about the state of poverty in the U.S. and the impact of cuts to programs such as SNAP (food stamps) on the economy and individuals and families. They also…

  • Domestic Programs Budget Cuts
    Last Aired

    Domestic Programs Budget Cuts

    Isabel Sawhill and James Capretta debated the merits of cutting domestic programs in order to save money and help the economy. They also addressed sequestration budget cuts and the"fiscal cliff," and responded to…

  • Opportunity Nation Summit
    Last Aired

    Opportunity Nation Summit

    Various panelists discussed economic opportunity in the United States at the 2011 Opportunity Nation Summit. Opportunity Nation is a group of businesses, schools, and nonprofits that…

  • Approaches to Economic Growth
    Last Aired

    Approaches to Economic Growth

    Matthew Mitchell and Isabel Sawhill discussed two philosophies of thought on improving the economy, and they responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. One philosophy…

  • Social Security and Medicare Reform
    Last Aired

    Social Security and Medicare Reform

    Isabel Sawhill talked about possible ways to reform entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare, to tackle the growing U.S. deficit. She also responded to telephone calls and…

  • Value Added Tax and US Debt
    Last Aired

    Value Added Tax and U.S. Debt

    Isabel Sawhill and Curtis Dubay talked about the use of a Value Added Tax (VAT) as a means to curb U.S. debt, and they responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. In an interview with…

  • Future of Entitlement Programs
    Last Aired

    Future of Entitlement Programs

    At the Concord Coalition’s Fiscal Wake-Up Tour dinner, delegates presented the principles and proposed fiscal reforms they had developed during the Youth Entitlement Summit (YES). Isabel…