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    Politics and Religion in Campaigns

    The Poynter Institute for Media Studies held a forum, “Politics and Religion: Getting It Right in 2012,” on the role in religion in election politics. The program began with a presentation…

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    Intrepreting the U.S. Constitution

    Participants spoke about the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the tea party movement. They also addressed issues such as judicial activism, arguments about constitutional meaning within…

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    The Future of Religion in American Politics, Part 2

    The topic of the 2007 Ronald Reagan Symposium was “The Future of Religion in American Politics.” Panelists discussed religion as a dividing and as a uniting force. Marvin Olasky talked about evangelical Christian…

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    The Cube and the Cathedral: Politics Without God

    George Weigel talked about his book The Cube and the Cathedral: Europe, America, and Politics Without God, published by Basic Books. He argued that there can be no defense of freedom or democracy without God. In…

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    2004 Vote and Religion

    The guests discussed how Americans view the inclusion of religion into the political process and this year’s presidential election. Mr. Cromartie supports President Bush and Mr. Casey…

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    Religious Conservatives and Electoral Process

    Mr. Cromartie discussed the history of religious conservatives in the American electoral process. He responded to audience telephone calls, faxes and electronic mail. This was the third in…