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  • Student Financial Aid Grant Aid
    Last Aired

    Student Financial Aid, Part 3

    Panelists talked about the re-examining the current system of student financial aid, focusing on grants. Sara Goldrick-Rab presented her paper, “Making College Affordable: Rethinking Voucher-Driven Approaches to Federal Student Aid,”…

  • Student Financial Aid Lessons from the Past 50 Years
    Last Aired

    Student Financial Aid, Part 1

    Panelists talked about the history and development of student financial aid policies over the preceding 50 years and what improvements were needed to better benefit students and families. Daniel Madzelan presented his paper, “The…

  • Student Financial Aid
    Last Aired

    Student Financial Aid

    Panelists explored ways of improving the effectiveness of student financial aid and the possibility of meeting President Obama’s goal of of having the world’s highest rate of college…

  • Impact of Recession on Local Communities
    Last Aired

    Impact of Recession on Local Communities

    A hearing was held on the impact of the recession on states and local communities, as well as the need for an economic recovery bill. An economics professor, the head of a local food bank,…

  • Role of University Endowments
    Last Aired

    Role of University Endowments

    Panelists assessed college endowments and discussed the need for and implications of possible reform. In the first panel Miller, Frey, and Vedder reviewed the role that college endowments…

  • College Financing
    Last Aired

    College Financing

    Witnesses testified about college costs and debt, including proposals to increase need-based aid to college students, help student borrowers better manage their debt, reform federal student…

  • College Tuition and Financial Aid
    Last Aired

    College Tuition and Financial Aid

    The president of the College Board released findings on the trends in college pricing and financial aid. The report showed rising levels of financial aid provided to students as well as…

  • College Board Report
    Last Aired

    College Board Report

    Professor Baum talked about a new report by the College Board focusing on the rise in college and university tuition, including causes for the rising costs, whether federal and state…

  • Higher Education Costs
    Last Aired

    Higher Education Costs

    Witnesses testified about the rising costs of college tuition, the reasons for the increases, and potential policies to minimize future tuition hikes.

  • Student Debt
    Last Aired

    Student Debt

    Mr. Baum and Ms. King talked about the rising college student debt in the U.S. and took audience calls, faxes and electronic mail.