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  • Women and the 2000 Election
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    Women and the 2000 Election

    Former Rep. Schroeder and Professor Hill recounted what they learned at a conference they conducted on the women’s vote in the 2000 elections, including topics such as gender issues, pay…

  • The Republican Tax Cut and Technology Research
    Last Aired

    The Republican Tax Cut and Technology Research

    Mr. Podesta spoke with reporters about proposed Republican tax cut legislation. He focused in particular on the impact that the plan would have on science and technology research. He cautioned that the…

  • Year 2000 Computer Problem ATM Machines
    Last Aired

    Year 2000 Computer Problem: ATM Machines

    Banking officials talked about upgrades in electronic banking designed to fix any potential problem resulting form the date change on January 1, 2000. They warned that a larger threat came…

  • Security in East Timor
    Last Aired

    Security in East Timor

    Mr. Kumar talked to reporters about the safety and security of East Timor. He focused on the unstable history of this region in Indonesia and upcoming elections to determine if East Timor…

  • The Presidents Budget  The Republican Tax Cut
    Last Aired

    The President's Budget & The Republican Tax Cut

    Mr. Lew talked about pending legislation which would provide a roughly $800 billion tax cut over the next ten years. He said that the Republican plan would not save Social Security or…

  • Year 2000 Computer Problem Preparation
    Last Aired

    Year 2000 Computer Problem Preparation

    Mr. Koskinen announced that most government agencies were compliant with federal guidelines which protect computers from any potential problems caused by the date change on January 1, 2000.…

  • Sales Tax and the Internet
    Last Aired

    Sales Tax and the Internet

    Mr. Naake talked to reporters about collecting taxes when traditional goods are purchased on-line. He stated that National Association of Counties wants Congress to implement the law passed…

  • National Press Club 90th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    National Press Club 90th Anniversary

    Senator Thurmond spoke at the National Press Club on its 90th anniversary. He reflected on the events of the past century and the importance of U.S. influence in the future. He also took…

  • Briefing on Iraq
    Last Aired

    Briefing on Iraq

    Mr. Berger discusses the situation with Iraq. He commented on the health condition of the Iraqi people in reference to the sanctions against Iraq. After his prepared remarks he responded to…

  • Ukraines Place in Europe
    Last Aired

    Ukraine's Place in Europe

    Minister Tarasyuk was the guest at the Morning Newsmaker forum at the National Press Club. He talked about the role of his nation in Europe and the political and economic impact of the…

  • China Summit
    Last Aired

    China Summit

    Senator Baucus offered his thoughts on the president’s trip to China. The Senator accompanied the president to the summit.

  • The Presidents Trip to China
    Last Aired

    The President's Trip to China

    Mr. Bauer discussed U.S. policy toward China, and the president’s upcoming visit to China. He also answered media questions.

  • North Dakota Issues
    Last Aired

    North Dakota Issues

    Mayor Owens talked about the enactment of the Disaster Relief Bill and the role it played in assisting her city recover from floods and fires which caused considerable damage. She is in…

  • Postal Service AntiCompetitive Practices
    Last Aired

    Postal Service Anti-Competitive Practices

    Mr. Kelly spoke about U.S. Postal Services practices which inhibit competition in the delivery industry. He said that Congress should change the law so that the Postal Service operates…

  • National Energy Strategy Report
    Last Aired

    National Energy Strategy Report

    Secretary Pena briefed reporters on U.S. national energy strategy and the prospects for summer gasoline prices. The strategy document calls for energy sources other than oil, such as…

  • New Unionism
    Last Aired

    New Unionism

    Mr. Chase talked about the future of labor unions. He talked about the broad outlines of “new unionism” and its tenets of teachers taking personal responsibility for the welfare of their…

  • Hope Growth and Opportunity
    Last Aired

    Hope, Growth and Opportunity

    Mr. Forbes talked presents his assessment of the state of the Union and what he sees as this year’s agenda in Congress and the executive branch. He has been mentioned as a possible…