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    Racial Diversity in Corporate America

    Mr. Adamson talked about how he helped Denny’s Restaurants become more racially inclusive and offered a blueprint for building a diverse business. After his remarks he answered questions…

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    Yugoslavia and Balkan Issues

    Mr. Javanovic talked about the peace process in the Yugoslavia, the situation in Kosovo, and other issues affecting his country and the Balkans. After his prepared remarks, he took…

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    In Celebration of Intellectuals

    Mr. Freedman talked about the importance of intellectuals on college campuses and in the society at large. He said that intellectuals are undervalued and their role. Following his prepared…

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    Social Promotion

    Ms. Feldman spoke about the practice of social promotion, in which students are promoted even though they do not meet their grade level standards so they are not embarrassed and separated…

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    Breaking the Color Barrier in Baseball

    The widow of Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play major league baseball in the U.S., discussed the significance of her husband’s achievement and the status of race relations in American…

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    The Life of Prime Minister Rabin

    Mrs. Rabin is in the U.S. to promote her new book, Rabin: Our Life, His Legacy, about her late husband, Yitzhak Rabin, former prime minister of Israel. In her speech she criticized George magazine and its…